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Andrew Christian

Music Video from Amadeus ft. Anderson Brooks

If only every weho queen had her own music video... oh WAIT!!! 

Please allow us to unroll our eye balls from the back of our heads...

This is the most craptastic local music video we've ever seen!!!

It's soooo hilariously terrible we're watching it on repeat. 

Oh & that's a Weho apartment honey... not no NYC hotel room.



  1. Out of all the hideous Weho gay wanna be pop star videos this one by far is the absolute WORST! It's such a piece of dog shit I actually thought it was a joke . Who is the aids face yellow haired sunken eyed hag pretending to play the guitar?

  2. This is nearly as awful as Mike Munich's music video haha.

  3. this is ten times worse than mike munich's video. this video makes the andrew christian videos look like oscar winning films. this videos makes steven dehler look like the classiest person on earth. this video makes murray swanby look like he has a huge bubble butt. this video makes detox look like a man. this video makes makes my ass hole grow shut and makes me want to vomit

  4. his butt hole tastes like embarrassment. what does embarrassment taste like ..you ask? Well, the answer is, his hole!

  5. I swear, that cheetah dress is all Anderson has... Gurl come on let's add a little somethin to that wardrobe sometime soon.

  6. He stole from Raja months ago.

  7. I ate the Latin ones ass....it was pretty hot.

  8. How embarrassing . That guy "playing" the guitar is this hairy midget and is one of the biggest whores in Weho.

  9. What beautiful lyrics! The new Bob Dylan!

  10. Funny how this is not the original version of the video. The original had Griffin Marc in it. Guess some editing had to be done cuz someone's mug and pre-photoshopped body was not wanted in the visuals. Hahaha!

  11. The scary fake blonde making the duckface looks so awkward and uncomfortable and RED, she needs to stay out of the sun.

    1. LOL she needs to wear some lifts and that is the worst fake guitar playing I have ever seen

  12. this is awful and embarassing, ok we get you have a hot body .. just shut your mouth.. and dance on a gogo box, and somebody please tell that blond crossdresser to stay the fuck home.... theres enough trannys in WEHO, and most of which look and do better things than him...

  13. UCK. How far does this guy think roids, temporary tatts, illiteracy and a hairpiece can take him? Though as awful as this video is, it's not nearly as hilariously putrid as his last one was. 'A Thousand Bells' or something like that. If you didn't see it, imagine a short, half-asian/half-latin closeted but femmey Gilligan grasping for attention by horribly copying the JPGauthier sailor ad campaign.

  14. This shit was edited on imovie for sure. Dumb tric.


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