Living for the Realness !!

Twins even!

Ms. West Covina


  1. Jiggly Caliente!!!!

  2. Regarding Rupaul Drag race Theres a damn problem that needs to be reigned in and stopped immediately.

    Too many trannies trying to cheat. To many trannies trying to get on RuPaul's DRAG rrace to pay for they surgeries. Ugh. Since season 2, we have had Sonique,Carmen,Kenya,and Monica. That's why India Ferrah was like they're allowing trannys in drag race now. Cuz of that Monica girl. Anyways, TRANNIES stop taking positions from regular drag queens. Instead of sonique or Carmen or Monica, it could have been Mayhem or Detox (much earlier) or Jasmine Masters.
    Drag race needs to have a part in the application that says are you transitioning etc. they already have one for "illnesses". When they said do you have any special medication you take? That looking for HIV, or people with psychological issues, etc. if they keep them off the show, then they should keep trannies off so they stop wastingoney that rupaul could giving to bio men in drag.

    1. The One and Only: Miss Jasmine MasterFebruary 12, 2013 at 2:34 PM

      Thank you, but no thank you. I am way too good and wonderful for that piece of shit little show.

  3. The one on the left could be Gary or Edmund Entin.


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