Latin Night Comes to Fubar Tonight (Friday)



  1. Blowquandra will C yoo tonite!February 22, 2013 at 9:50 AM

    MMMM I cant wait to come to this nite baby ! Imma take me the red line then the bus# 2 and end up RIGHT in front of the club! My snake like tongue will be slurpping from ear to ear as I sip on a cocktail watching these lil latins dance the nite away on them stripper boxes!! I may have to rob a white lady at the 99 cent store on Slauson/compton Avenues but I'll get me some cash to get liqured up and have some to tip these lil lucsious latins! Ill have my dollers and my pesos ready for tonight child!! Wait till they see the WHITES of my eyes through the winder of that club cause Blowquandra is gana be coming in with her Coin and ready to spend it TONITE!

  2. Blowquandra, i cant wait to see u there gurl! Its been too long!

    1. I CANNOT wait to have some uncut latino dick slapping me on the face ALL night!!! YAUM! I heard these are new boys in town not the typical gogo boys we see in weho all the time!!!

    2. My Nigger skin and my WHITE teeth!February 22, 2013 at 1:05 PM

      Imma nibbble tnite on some cheeeeeese!

  3. Does it really say DJ Smegma? Perfect choice for Latin night.

  4. So is this the place to be if I want some uncut meat and jizz in my hole, of course minus the cundim?

  5. LOL, u guyz are so f*cked up, i love it!

  6. Just woke up from my slumber after visiting Fubar last night- AMAZE! Never seen so much hot Latin dick in my life. Can't wait to see what my dolla buys me next week!


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