Andrew Christian
February 28, 2013

Impulse House Party or Super Cult Recruiting Center in the Hills ?

Oh honay we love a good party in the hills but we felt like we were invited to a surprise cult recruitment meeting when we attended IMPULSE's not so fabulous party in the hills last night.

First off who invites 100+ people to a party in the Hollywood hills and doesn't hire a valet service?

The down hill driveway into the home would've been better suited for a pair of Nike's and not the vintage Dior boots we had on because the invite indicated "cocktail attire".

The house was stunning however the crowd looked like they were at someone's funeral. Actually we attended a more exciting funeral in 2010, not joking.

Thankfully the craptastic iPod shuffle playlist that they borrowed from your mom was kept rather low in what seemed to be a deliberate attempt to make sure no one could have any fun.

Famous AIDS activist Jack Mackenroth was the guest speaker for the"party" & she was a site to be seen gurl, hovering around guests while looking like she had just been pumped to the brim with fillers & botox after undergoing hypnosis just for the occasion.

And even though they had a step and repeat in the driveway (minus a photographer) the hosts insisted that we pose for photo campaign "alone & not in groups" upstairs. Sorry honeys but if IMPULSE thinks we're going to be their AIDS poster children they can pay us for that $hit. Yeah we fu(King said it. Seriously we haven't felt this awkward since that thai lady @Rendevous gave us the happy ending.

We left before they went into full blown cult mode. And although we probably won't be invited to another Impulse event we're 100% cool with it considering their creepy new direction.

Thanks be to Cher the food was catered by Taste on Melrose since it was probably the party's only silver lining.



  1. The lobbyist is Steve Afriat

  2. Just because no one wanted to talk to your ugly ass doesn't mean the party was lame. Sorry ya couldn't make friends and had to sit in a corner. The party was great the drinks were free the views were insane and the boys were hot. Take your bitterness to fubar. You'll fit in better there.

    1. It was awkward but I just came to pregame before here lounge & the boys were nice.

  3. It was a good cause and pretty fun. I'm really suprised about this post. Could you find nothing else to bitch about? The party was meant to spead awareness and fight HIV, and all you can do is scope out boys and complain? Take your raw dogging ass somewhere else. Weho confidential has gone wayyyy down hill.

  4. Well (assuming you are a not a woman), you probably shouldn't have been wearing "vintage Dior boots" in the first place. Fag.

  5. bitter people go to here & abbey. cool kids go to fubar bitch.

  6. Awesome event! not cool

  7. I dont see how you can say Impulse is a "Clut". No one was forced to be their and they are very clear on their views and stand on HIV. Your statement "the hosts insisted that we pose for photo campaign "alone & not in groups" upstairs. Sorry honeys but if IMPULSE thinks we're going to be their AIDS poster children they can pay us for that " is so off the wall stupid. I was working that room all night and multiple people did solo and groups. As a matter of fact YOU ARE WELCOME that we didn't charge for that. How Impulse is using those photos is the same way as the No Hate Campaign. Impulse provided an optional shoot for FREE for advocates and alleys in fighting HIV stigma and awareness.

    1. Joshwa looks like he has AIDS. He weighs about 105 pounds and his face is all sunken in.

  8. i love that the two biggest sluts of all time run this organization. Brandon Leigh has fucked everyone in the city that will let him and Kevin Pak akslakhglkw is the nastiest bottom ever


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