What's the T - Friday!! 03.07.13

Apparently it's raining spiders in Brazil, Bryan Singer donated $5million to USC,  RuPaul has a new song called Peanut Butter..... & Bryce Chandler Hill has a new profile on seeking arrangements.

And we're in Palm Springs doing bumps of K off 90 year-old cocks so that we can pay our legal bills...

Detox will be shaking her d!ck for tips tonight at Hamburger Mary's WeHo starting @10p.
And Megan Mullally will appear on the corner of Santa Monica Blvd., & San Vicente to promote something tomorrow (2/8/13) from 1130 to noon.

Enjoy your fu(king weekend.




  1. Bryce's profile is GONE! Who has a screenshot?


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