Happy Birthday Ms Chang !!


At least Weho's fallen socialite is still alive on facebook!!




  1. Can this nigga get a donation

  2. I went to best buy last night and coming out I was stopped by the police. My tags was expired and they impounded the girls car. I call my girl Joe Hollywood and ask her to give me a ride home. She pulled up in a car I never seen before and I look inside, it was so damn nasty. She had plastic baggies and shit all in the back seat. I was all like mm mmm. I had a right mind to tell this bitch pull over so we could take a donation and clean this bitch car.

    But I can't go hard on this bitch cuz growing up my mama had a nasty car. We was so afraid to ride in at night because we were afraid the roaches would come out crawl up our arms and neck. She be like come on y'all get in the car we gonna go to McDonald's. I was like nuh uh Ma, I don't even want it, I don't even want it.

    Anyways back to Joe Hollywood can a bitch get a donation.

    When a bitch need a little extra, when bitch need help, when a bitch need some assistance.

    Lemme tell you how to use it.

    Can Melissa Brown ratty nasty ass ponytail get a donation?

    Can Manny Patel get a donation for loosing his damn house and his DJ equipment, I mean his iPod shuffle.

    Can a bitch that can't pay the light bill, but pay just enough to keep them on, get a donation?

    Can Bobby Trendy get a donation so he can stop claiming kids that ain't his?

    Can Rhea Litré get a donation. She just be looking ugly in the blogs and need to invest in plastic surgery and better drag. Can she get a donation?

    Can Morgan Michaels get a donation? She looking skinny like hell and frail and need to smile. Maybe get some sleep.

    Can Cheyenne Petersen get a donation? Buy him some clothes.

    Can Lucas John and Weho Confidential get a donation? They news stories been so bad and I had no idea that they was struggling, when I went to Lucas axing for a donation. He was so in need he digging in my hyena and not leaving enough to keep my animal planet open.

    But, here's the real gag, can Joe Hollywood get a donation? He over there sucking a dick for a damn waffle fry. Can we please collect a donation? While I was riding in the car with him, I showed him this article about a rise in throat cancers because they finding be HPV in throats. Can we gets a donation for some Saran Wrap and stop whatever you doing with the throats? Lord.


  3. ....................../´¯/)
    ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
    ..........''...\.......... _.·´

  4. Miss Cleo confesses she has NO IDEA who or what a Jonaton Chang is, nor why any of us should give two shits that it is celebrating a birthday.
    Though if I looked like that I'm not sure I would want to celebrate anything, other than the brown paper bag I put over my head!

  5. Looks like Jimmy Fallon

  6. @6:05 am....well done! @Miss Cleo don't feel badly about not knowing who/what Ms Chang is/was. She felt she was a big player in Weho a few years ago, thought she was the "shit", turns out she wasn't, did many unhealthy things and disappeared. My vote is for the same to happen to Jimmy Chen the evil fuck who co owns this site with Lucas, I can live with the fact Jimmy is an evil nasty ugly cunt, but the "I spend my life helping others" bullshit he spouts is what makes me ill. Lucas is a nasty pig but he doesn't try to hide it, he is what he is and I admire that one trait. Jimmy if you really were a good person you wouldn't scream at homeless people, you would shut this shit down and you would help someone without wanting attention/praise for it. SBI


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