Gay Dude Stands up for Homos in NYC Subway

NYC Subway riders clapped as a young man "shut down" a homophobic subway preacher. 

The camera woman had this to say:

"Fascinating how one man stood up for gays and all good people today ( feb 16th/13) on subway in NYC " I am gay, Jesus is LOVE" He receives an APPLAUD."



  1. latrice motherfuckin royaleFebruary 18, 2013 at 6:37 PM

    Jesus is a biscuit let him sop you up!!! yessss hunttty.. And thank the god lord for making all the chemicals so I can have my T and let these tina vapors intoxicate my lungs

  2. Lame. The fag lost because he took the troll's bait.


  3. stupid religious Nigga.. i hate those mofo's mentally ill and preaching the bible.. go beg for change on the street like you belong.

  4. I applaud the guy. He didn't take the bait, he too the opportunity. U bottom queens don't have the balls to stand up like that. God Bless him.


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