Editorial by Glen Charydczak: Vote Yes on Measure C

When The Campaign Manager for Jeffrey Prang and John Duran is a Lobbyist for The MTA Proposal, and for The Pacific Design Center, and when 4 out of 5 Councilmembers are Clients of that Lobbyist, and that Lobbyist gets his money from The Developer, The Cohen Brothers, who in turn gets their money from The Bank, that's Fascism.

Hitler came to power because he was funded by The Banks, same as Prang, Duran, and at least 2 other Council Members. We'll see if John D'Amico follows suit in 2015.

Developers deserve Equal voice, but not to dominate our Government and limit public speaking time to 2 minutes a piece, while their Lobbyist endlessly confers with their city council clients on how to get a new Mortgage for the Bank and pass off the interest to the Taxpayers through this conspiracy of Banks, Developers, Lobbyists, and City Councilmembers, including Mayor Prang and John Duran.

C is for Change.
This can to be stopped.

Glen Charydczak, West Hollywood Voter


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