Deadline: Are You Registered to Vote in WeHo ? ? ?

Haaaaay gurrrrrl!!!

Today is the last chance for you to register to vote (or change your address) before the City Council Election on March, 5th 2013. If you've just moved here or if you know some queen who is fresh off the boat please send them this link so their vote can count!!

There are a lot of wonderful candidates this season & we encourage you to do your own homework. We'll be voting for Steve Martin because he fights against over development & he's the only candidate to win endorsements from Protect Plummer Park, Lucas John & Yes on C.

Neo & Soju

Ps - The democratic clubs are shady, do your own homework. They claim that Republicans & Tea Partiers are funding Yes on C. Last time we checked WeHo Confidential was the largest financial contributor of Yes on C. Do we look like "republican tea baggers" to you? Hardly.
We're voting Yes on C!


  1. Endorsed by Lucas John! That's comedy!


    Who would care what that loser endorses? She is so full of self-hatred after all these years of chasing after boys that dont want her snatch.

  2. Obviously you do or you wouldn't be here reading this blog that allegedly belongs to him.

  3. I don't know why anyone would care what I think either but that didn't stop Mayor Prang, Chris Landavzo, John Duran & Steve Martin from asking me for my endorsement. I stay on top of the game, participate actively & encourage my friends to do the same. I campaigned for rainbow crosswalks, a Weho Trolley & Measure C.

  4. @8:10 - I read wehoc to make sure that cunt Lucas isn't spreading lies about me again. I will look for his endorsement when I need to know how to cure anal warts or remove a jay leno jaw.

  5. I will follow the voter here guide since I am too busy & Lucas pays attention so I don't need to bother. We only speak the truth here honey! @10:28

  6. Lets get rid of these SHADY characters that pretend to stick up for the people in Weho, and do what they want, behind closed doors. Weho NEEDS new blood. Some of the so called representatives have been around way to long. We've term limits in the City of La,, Mayor, President, and Congress. Why not WEHO? Out with the old, and in with the new.

    Also Republicans get blamed for everything because the Democrats take NO responsibility in anything. The Republicans are gutless, and they go along with the Democratic policies.


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