Andrew Christian
February 17, 2013

Bryan Singer's Twin Ducklings Land in QuickSand:

Sadness and anger ensue in the Entin house. The twins' new film (gay high school crap) has not made it into any of the 5 major festivals it has entered. The two "filmmakers" are furious and calling anyone and everyone they can including Bryan Singer etc, to try and get the film in somewhere.. ANYWHERE!!  We heard they even called the woman at SXSW a b!tch over the phone. Their distributor must be very disappointed. Apparently Bryan isn't pulling any special strings for the 33 year old twin ducklings because he's very busy waiting for some white triplets to turn 18.


GG & Soju


  1. BREAKING NEWS: Mindy McCready commits suicide....

  2. old fucking news fucktard

  3. They made a film! Hahahahhaha.

    Funniest thing I have ever heard.

  4. They can't make polite conversation let alone a decent film.

  5. Wait a second.... Bryan is going to WAIT till they turn 18!

    Isn't really his style is it.

  6. bryan stopped caring about them. the statue of limitations on whatevur blackamale they had on him clearly expired. he secretly hates them and knows that they are ugly, ugly ugly ugly specimens. insyde and out.

  7. Are these the gnomish twins that suck Old Man Huffington's dick for "investment" money? So gross!

  8. Yes. Something tells me they will be trying to suck MORE to get the next film going... So sad.

  9. Edmund is beautiful!


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