Breaking Up With The Beverly Hills Hotel #boycott

Apparently there is a group attempting to boycott the Beverly Hills Hotel. We're undecided on supporting the effort. For some reason our EBT card doesn't work there so it's not that big of a deal to us....

"Dear Beverly Hills Hotel,

It’s over. And we are never, ever getting back together. Like ever. That is, until your owners change their homophobic ways. The Beverly Hills Hotel is owned by the nation of Brunei, where it is illegal to be gay. Homosexuality is punishable in Brunei by up to 10 years in prison. Brunei’s ownership of a hotel in Los Angeles, one of the most gay-friendly cities in the world, is the height of hypocrisy. The Beverly Hills Hotel’s owners don’t believe in equality, but they love to take our money. If we wouldn’t eat at Chik-Fil-A, why would we dine at the Beverly Hills Hotel? Take a stand against homophobia – don’t eat, meet or sleep at the Beverly Hills Hotel!"




  1. Fuck you weho confidential why did you disable comments on the post below about michael Erin?

    1. i think it was the three ways with paul b. and kelly.

    2. In response to: "#TeamDorner - Stop LAPD Gangsters!"

      Soju, you insipid queens are really stooping to a new low here. You should stick to the vapid "gossip" and immature vitriol you are known for. Encouraging ANYONE to use a gun against another human being is the absolute worst example of immature, immoral mentality. If this is "Thinking outside the box" then you should all be put back in the box and be shipped off to a far away island where you'll never be heard from again. You may think your post is clever or funny. I'd love to see how you'd feel if it was one of your family members were killed by this deeply disturbed man. You are no better than he is for posting such irresponsible nonsense. Lucas John Junkin (his real name) > you proclaim to want to be a community leader and you yet you allow people like this to represent you here? You should be truly ashamed. God forbid you should ever be in a position to "lead" this community!

  2. fucking fags...none of you in that fucked clip can even afford water is not "Bruna" it is pronounced "Bruni" Fucking idiots.....

  3. Damn Muslims own everything these days!!!

  4. really? by that logic the US would starve to death.

  5. Hey I live there! And was conceived there. My mom Belinda Carlisle is a huge gay icon and would never support a homophobic hotel!

    Trailblazer campaign forever!!!


  6. If only these fools had done their research, they would know that the hotel has approx. 1/4 of its staff that is gay and happy to be working there. The company also offers full benefits to domestic partners, has willingly been featured in several gay travel publications and has several gays/lesbians in upper management positions. If the BHH was so “homophobic”, why are so many gays running the show? Next time they want to point a finger, they should be better educated/ informed. Try interviewing some of the gay staff from the BHH and not some drunk queens on the sidewalk in WeHo that have been spoon-fed lies and are truly misinformed. The funny part is, all of the employees, both gay and straight, are happy! Also, if you want people to take your video seriously, you should teach your “actors” how to properly say and pronounce “Brunei”… It may add some credibility. BTW, did I mention that I’M GAY!!??!! This is SO misdirected and I "boycott" this "boycott"!!!


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