@AzealiaBanks Ain't Got No Time for @Glaad #TeamAzealiaBanks #FagMob

“Some people are Satanists, some people are Christians, some people are Jews, Buddhists, you know what I mean? Some people are still Nazis… there are some people who are still KKK members… Come on people, please. If you're trying to call me a homophobe, you're basically trying to imply that I’m insulting you for having sex with men. I have sex with men too – what the f**k? I have sex with men and women, do I have to take a picture of me licking a f**king pussy? What the f**k! It doesn't make any sense. It's so stupid. It's so stupid and it's so evil. And it's just like this stupid f**king media sh*t, you know what I mean? It's the media sh*t. And this is why I go about myself the way the way I go about myself, and I do whatever the f**k I want. If the media is going to build me up to tear me down, you motherf**kers are not going to tear ME down. I just make these f**king raps, and I'm just gonna wear these outfits, and f**king live my life. I can't deal with you motherf**kers, I don't have time for this sh*t.” ~ AzEALIA BaNKS

To be honest we always thought Azealia was cool enough but since she's the only chick we know with the balls to standup to Glaad she's our ally!



  1. Yawn. More HoeHollywood please.


  2. Style Network will be filming Raja in a new reality show.

    Joe Hollywood has a stalker, also seen sucking off old dude near Papa John's.

    Miss Cleo is currently boycotting.

    Honey Mahogany andivienne pinay sent home on Drag Race. 2/18/2013

    Deltá Wórk to start charity. Raising money for heart disease.

    Tranny on a Bike was hit by a car and is in hospital

    1. What's wrong with Delta Work's heart? She is the only friend Morgasm has left

  3. How mature of her. Just heard her Harlem Shake "remix". Awful... Just awful. Then again, the Harlem Shake was shit to begin with. Where's the recent news about Chris Crocker's, quote on quote, "singing career"?

  4. You know your life sucks when nobody likes your music so to get famous you fight Perez Hilton and some irrelevant gay group.

  5. The site is officially dead.

  6. Yeah this site is pretty much dead, that no talent whore is dead and why is Miss Cleo boycotting?


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