Are we Sick of Lana Yet? ? ?



  1. Here's the news:

    Raja Gemini is negotiating a reality show on Life & Style.

    Montana Volby spotted at Pavilions looking fatter.

    DJ manny Patel questioned by weho pd over explosion

    Morgan McMichaels collapses from exhaustion at toucans

    Joe Hollywood is trying to be a tranny porn actress

    Joe Hollywood Vs Christopher Clarke

    Detox is possibly Sebastian Ford.

    Morgan mccmichaels owes state of California in undeclared income

    Raven turns down deal to record album

  2. The news for Feb 2 2013

    News of the day:

    BOBBY TRENDY will be at the Super Bowl. She flies out tonight.

    Bobby Trendy will also be featured as a client on The Millionaire Matchmaker show. Will Bobby find love?

    Joe Hollywood reportedly seen blowing guy in the parking lot of Chick-Fil-A

    Khloe Kardashian calls Joe hollywood a user.

    Morgan McMichaels is looking skinnier as ever.

    Shangela will be a client on LA Shrinks.

    Morgan keeps tweeting erratically about Rupauls drag race in vain attempt to stay relevant

    Frank Ocean is the only black guy in WeHo.

    Rupaul spotted at LAX headed towards Cheyenne.

    1. VERIFIED:


      JOE HOLLYWOOD SPOTTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Joe Hollywood's modus operandi has always been to pick up "paying customers" in the parking lots of fast food joints like Taco Bell and Chick Fil A! He gets the $5 meal and the old man he blew leaves happy.
      But it's pretty shameful Joe patronizes the gay hating Chick Fil A! I thought Joe was a stalwart supporter if gay rights!
      Miss Cleo is most disappointed in you, Joe!

  3. ⬆⬆⬆
    Finally some WeHo news thats fit to print. Can you update this site every day?

  4. I went to best buy last night and coming out I was stopped by the police. My tags was expired and they impounded the girls car. I call my girl Joe Hollywood and ask her to give me a ride home. She pulled up in a car I never seen before and I look inside, it was so damn nasty. She had plastic baggies and shit all in the back seat. I was all like mm mmm. I had a right mind to tell this bitch pull over so we could take a donation and clean this bitch car.

    But I can't go hard on this bitch cuz growing up my mama had a nasty car. We was so afraid to ride in at night because we were afraid the roaches would come out crawl up our arms and neck. She be like come on y'all get in the car we gonna go to McDonald's. I was like nuh uh Ma, I don't even want it, I don't even want it.

    Anyways back to Joe Hollywood can a bitch get a donation.

    When a bitch need a little extra, when bitch need help, when a bitch need some assistance.

    Lemme tell you how to use it.

    Can Melissa Brown ratty nasty ass ponytail get a donation?

    Can Manny Patel get a donation for loosing his damn house and his DJ equipment, I mean his iPod shuffle.

    Can a bitch that can't pay the light bill, but pay just enough to keep them on, get a donation?

    Can Bobby Trendy get a donation so he can stop claiming kids that ain't his?

    Can Rhea Litré get a donation. She just be looking ugly in the blogs and need to invest in plastic surgery and better drag. Can she get a donation?

    Can Morgan Michaels get a donation? She looking skinny like hell and frail and need to smile. Maybe get some sleep.

    Can Lucas John and Weho Confidential get a donation? They news stories been so bad and I had no idea that they was struggling, when I went to Lucas axing for a donation. He was so in need he digging in my hyena and not leaving enough to keep my animal planet open.

    But, here's the real gag, can Joe Hollywood get a donation? He over there sucking a dick for a damn waffle fry. Can we please collect a donation? While I was riding in the car with him, I showed him this article about a rise in throat cancers because they finding be HPV in throats. Can we gets a donation for some Saran Wrap and stop whatever you doing with the throats? Lord.


    1. Loving this one, Cornbreadisha!
      Keep 'em COMING, hunty!

  5. Can Cheyenne Petersen can get a donation? He need some clothes.

    1. Cheyenne is POZ UNDETECTABLE !!!!

  6. WOW! They shoulda hired me! I'm the ultimate Beyoncé impersonator.

    Morgan McMichaels

    1. Pretty sure Beyonce weighs more than 67 lbs. and doesn't carry a selection of various sized meth pipes in her purse like you do, Morgan!


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