Andrew Christian
January 25, 2013

Yo Mama Court Drama 4 The Weho Arsonist:

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Watch as the defendant's pu$$y pimping mama belligerently fails in her attempt to testify in her son's favor. If you don't recall the young man on trial threw a "firebomb" tantrum after his mother was arrested for pimping hoes. The punk set 40+ car fires in both Hollywood & West Hollywood.

The accused arsonist is German & unfortunately for him, setting cars on fire is a little more culturally acceptable where he came from,  especially on May Day. The unions march, the leftist radicals set fires & thousands of twinks go wild at club Wartesaal next door to the cathedral in Cologne! Oh and the cops are out in full force & they're amp; so hot in that beat the crap out of you, scary way you secretly desire!!


PS-The defendant's attorney should argue that his client isn't crazy, just German!!


  1. Heard that Brandon Stoughton has AIDS, Lance Black has pelvic inflammatory disease, Preston Lee has a House in Virginia, and Chuukey finally got liposuction.

  2. His butt hole tastes like Sterno.

  3. And Cheyenne is POZ UNDETECTABLE!!!


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