YesterGay: Morgan McMichaels

What Ever Happened to Morgan McMichaels from RuPaul's Drag Race Season II ? ? ? 

Imlay Fass


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    1. Morgan is America's welfare queen superstar.


      Never been on welfare:
      Bebe Zahara Benet
      Nina Flowers
      Tammie Brown
      Jessica Wild
      Pandora Boxx

      On welfare now:
      Morgan McMichaels -CA
      Sonique -CA
      Nicole Paige Brooks -GA
      Jade Sotomayor - IL
      Akashia -CA
      Rebecca Glasscock -NY
      Mystique Summers -OH
      Raven -CA
      Tatianna -DC
      Tyra Sanchez -GA
      India Ferrah -OH
      Stacy Layne Matthews -TX
      Phi Phi -IL
      Jade Jolie -FL?
      Willam -CA
      Penny Tration -OH
      Alissa Summers -FL
      Jiggly -NY
      Kenya Michaels -PR

      Was on welfare a short time ( not anymore ) :
      Shannel -CA/NV
      Jujubee -MA
      Carmen Carrera -NJ
      Yara Sofia -PR/CA
      Sharon -PA
      Alaska -PA
      Latrice -FL

      Unknown :
      Venus D Lite
      Delta Work
      Alexis Mateo
      Manila Luzon
      Mdme laQueer

  2. Well she was on season 1 the passed onto the sky of Palms Springs

  3. yall know that's a picture of Sonique from season 2 not Morgan, both of which perform all over the place. especially weho aahh
    Fact checker?!

    1. It's called throwing shade.

    2. For someone who obviously follows drag you better brush up on a very basic concept called shade. #IQCheck

  4. Looking good Morgan!!! It has been a while.

  5. From what i read on the other posts, Morgan is up to no good. drugs, ppverty, and bitterness towards former friends like Rhea, Sonique, Detox. I found Thomas White ( Morgan McMichaels ) EBT card on the floor. She dropped it at the premiere. I'll probably just send it in to the food stamp office. Little yellow card with footprints and the magnetic stripe is scratched. I don't thing it will run through a machine.
    I guess drag ain't paying that much or as much as it used to. Nothing wrong with being on stamps, but just kind of surprised that Drag Race does nothing to your career.

    1. Have you seen her lately?
      Everyone calls her Morgan McMethface now, with good reason!
      She needs to understand the human body does need more than 7 hours sleep...per week!!!
      And P!nk isn't ever going to call her, either.

    2. ^^^ honey she tried giving me the EBT card the past few months for a teener. I was like no way HUNTTTY!!! I had to cut her off this last time when she had scabs on her neck and face from picking bugs. #moderationdarling #nomoretina4morgan

  6. No one cares about morgan.... no body fucking cares!! This will be the last comment on this thread.

  7. Protect your hole. When the lights do dim, anything goes in minis the con -dim.

    1. Joe Hollywood's motto in life!!!

  8. She was very furious when Sonique was getting booked for gigs so mad she was fuming that caused a rift on her friendship. She needs to understand that her 15 mins of fame ended about 9 years ago when she was on the Rupaul's Dragrace. It was season one or two. There have been at least 60 dragqueens that have gne through. She wasn't that memorable. But yet she clings on to the hope that people will remeber her on that . I don't recall ever seeing her on there. I thought she was just a fan of the show as she is always posting on facebook about the show. My roomate clarified to me that yes she was on one or two of the episodes when the show first started. Most of those queens are either dead or have stopped doing drag and outgrew that phase in thier life of playing dressup. May be she should set the wigs down and get an education in an adult program and start a career in the real world instead of playing dressup at gay clubs.

    1. WAS MORGAN EVEN AUDITIONING? No!!!!! Morgan wanted the phone to ring because of the videos on YouTube and her time on Drag Race. she was hoping a casting director would call her. Especially pink. Willam threw Morgan a bone when she was in that Rihanna video "S&M". Mickys threw Morgan another bone when she was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (the same show that Joe Hollywood is banned from after he was caught getting high in the studio). MORGAN YOU NEED TO GET UP AND DO THE WORK!!! She has an old lady as a booking manager. If anyone cares she performing in a club that Stacy Layne Mathews works at in Texas this week. Take acting classes or go on auditions. Submit audition tapes to other shows. Sonique got her gigs because she did her OWN work. Put the pipe down, go to sleep, and then get to work!

  9. I used to visit Delta in the Rage dressing room area and noticed that Morgans clothes and wigs always smelled like insence I don't think she ever washed anything.

    1. You think I'm kidding when I say Morgan's on food stamps.the bitch is broke. And starving. She thought she could ride the wave of fame from Drag Race, but no one likes her. The offers werent coming in plus she got a big head. Now, she lives in riverside co. And is on food stamps.

  10. Morgan ain't no drag queen, she's a welfare queen.

  11. The sad fact is it's very rare for ANY drag queen to be able to support themselves doing nothing but drag.
    The vast majority of queens do it part time and have a real job, if they're smart.
    Most aren't.
    Thanks to "Drag Race", every little boy with some Walgreen's makeup thinks they can go to their local gay watering hole and start doing drag to pay the rent.
    They find out the hard way that is NOT the case.
    Even in Weho, few queens can support themselves (and their inevitable drug and alcohol habits) doing drag. Only a select few rise to the level of a Lady Bunny...even past winners of "Drag Race" are quickly forgotten once their 6-8 month window of fame vanishes, like so many lines of cocaine.
    So, yes, the vast majority ARE on food stamps and welfare.
    You do need to learn to love yourself, but you also need to learn reality and that drag doesn't pay the rent.

    1. Beaner from EaglerockJanuary 25, 2013 at 9:49 AM

      I laugh at Morgan in her face everytime I hand her ONE doller she prolly doesn't know im laughing in his face at HIM!

    2. That really wasn't RuPaul....right

    3. It was the real RuPaul

    4. Yes, babies, it's really me.
      And much like Chad, who posted below, I am very concerned about Morgan also.
      But you can't change until you admit you have a problem.

  12. Thomas White has been reported to Cal Fresh the Gov agency that handles EBT cards for not reporting all of his income from performing at these clubs including the one with Stacy Lane Mathhews this week.

    1. Good!
      I hate seeing MY hard earned tax dollars going to some Tina smoking drag queen!
      Revoke her bennies NOW!
      She can go dumpster diving for dinner!
      Just like Victoria Porkchop!

  13. I Know It all in the IEJanuary 25, 2013 at 10:11 AM

    Morgan, YOU need help sister, We perform with you everyweek. You are no different then we are. You act like you are famous. Honey, no one know who you are except your dad since you live with him and dance nude before him in drag when he is drunk.

    1. further proof that I made the right choice in cutting this bitch off.

    2. Like a sugar daddy or big papa? Or her bio dad.

  14. I will yes WILL personally throw a drink in Morgan's face at Toucans this week.

    1. make sure it's the cheap rail stuff. No need to waste the good stuff on her

  15. Morgan, you know who this is, you owe me $10 dollers from when we went to Del Taco on Palm Canyon after we all performed at toucans. Could you pay me back this sunday?

  16. I like Morgan, I just think she passes too much gas after her performances we have noticed

  17. Morgan's is not allowed at Rasputin...she's banned from ma shit kuz I say so; now....GET INTO IT!!!!

    1. listen Nigger I can go ANY where I want. Im a Rupaul Drag Race Star I am sorry you did NOT make the cut or ever will. No go clean some ones house.

    2. Um you best not talk to Meliisa that way cause she WILL have you barred from the club along with your party wig from CVS!

    3. Look bitch....u aint talking to me lik dat, u kno who i am, missy dwntown brown, i am not dat country nigga who was with u for one day on that tv show u were, whats the name again of da show? u picked that fight with dat big pussynigga kuz u kne dat was where u gonna be rememba fo. u step on my my grounds child, n yull be fisted in da mouth, i wont say much child, ur gonna have my fist in ur throuat in 1 hot second. if ur used to tak to da niggas aroun u lik mayhem n jazmine, and all those chechelon ppl dat way, dats fyne witme, but imma diferent kinda nigga, i kiss no use whyte pussy like urs

    4. Meliisa, Bitch let me tell YOU a thing or two i will personally take my famous hand and slapp it across your face at the club and point to the nearest field so that you can go right back on it an dpick some more cotton so that can attempt to make yourself a lacefront since you can't afford to buy one. Just try me bitch it will BE the slap herd around the world. I ant lyin !

    5. And um Morgan who are you famouse to? Your drunk father you masterbate in front of in drag when he has a lil too much Jack Daniels in his system? Is that who your famous to? You Must be high girl!

  18. Kylie Sonique is a sweetheart and a wayyyyyyy much better entertainer than you all know WHO.

  19. MORGAN WHORE-GAN. I'm more famous than you and much more in demand...AND I'm just a bar queen!
    THANK YOU, Thank you, thank you,

  20. I tried to help you Morgan , I really did. You are very out of control.
    You lost the spirit of what our legacy was. There's a level of fame that comes with it but it isn't everything.
    You don't know how to be humble. Who is this Morgan? I remember a little fem boy named Tommy who wanted to do drag and would come see me all the time and would want pics with me and tip me ones. I remember me and Adam [my partner] took you under my wing. You are who you are because of me. I have never said anything until now.
    I know you have a little problem that requires counseling and I have offered you a ride to counseling but you don't want to. I will not confirm any of the rumors that are spoken off here.
    Morgan/Tommy you need to change abd change for the better.
    Please I am requesting you just go by Morgan for now and drop McMichaels. Every time you go out there acting erratically that's trailing my name in the mud. I can't have that. I'm sorry.

    Mother Dust
    Chad Michaels

    1. Mother Dust, truly a class act as usual. May you find peace in your tragic loss of a drag daughter.

    2. And if you truly believe that was the REAL Chad Michaels posting, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you...

    3. uhm noooooo, I did not believe it was him. I don't believe anything I read or see on this site, Unless it's a cock shot

  21. Morgan- Im going to throw a drink directly in your face on Sunday and I will be with Che Che and Escalade so you best best be on your best behavior!

  22. Morgan , you have ben red!!!

  23. Does Morgan McMichaels actually read this!!?????

    Respond to us why u on drugs and food stamps?

    Why you still think you are relevant?

    Fuck you !!!

    Why you so racist and think you are acting funny when you "act" black

    Why you dance naked for your daddy?

    Why Chad Michaels disown you?

    Why you still promoting Drag Race and they not paying you or ever intend to?

    Why you no disappear of the face of the earth?

  24. First of all that's sonique. And Morgan is a resident showgirl at Mickys and is an amazing performer.


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