Where 2 Be: Thursday ~ 01.31.13

It's a Thursday child...
And we must insist you party wisely.
No Cover Thursdays!! 

1) Big Fat D!Ck Night @ Fubar
No cover & lot's of tops.
Extra Slutty GoGo Boys

2) Guys Gone Wild @The Abbey
So many GoGo boys

3) Tokyo Whorewagon @HereLounge



  1. NO comments

    because NO ONE cares.

    Slow day at the office?

    1. Here's the news:

      Raja Gemini is negotiating a reality show on Life & Style.

      Montana Volby spotted at Pavilions looking fatter.

      DJ manny Patel questioned by weho pd over explosion

      Morgan McMichaels collapses from exhaustion at toucans

      Joe Hollywood is trying to be a tranny porn actress

      Joe Hollywood Vs Christopher Clarke

      Detox is possibly Sebastian Ford.

      Morgan mccmichaels owes state of California in undeclared income

      Raven turns down deal to record album

  2. ^^^agreed
    So does anyone know her?
    she got the bug? she a tina whore?
    what does her wart encrusted cunt look like?
    inquiring minds want o know

    1. EGG xactly

      if its not about joe holylwood we dont care

    2. She's a nobody and since it's not Joe Hollywood the interest level is ZERO!!!

  3. Kylie Sonique LoveFebruary 2, 2013 at 4:03 PM

    Hey guys, thank you for your love and support. I love Weho Confidential!!! Please if you have time, make sure to catch me on The Mentalist on TNT, new season begins Feb 12, I am on most episodes...Oh if someone sees my sis Morgan please tell her I am gonna be on TV (wink)
    xoxo Trust!! Sonique


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