Where 2 Be: Thursday 01.24.13

Oh honay, we're putting on our dancing choos and getting ready to party!!

If joo don't know already Billy Francesca is doing her thing @ The Here Lounge now... Yes gurl she's bringing that funky fubar realness right on over to Robertson. The night is called Tokyo Whorewagon & we love it. 

Next door to the whore joo will find Guys Gone Wild @ The Abbey. We have to admit that we love being able to freely bounce back & forth from these two clubs through out the night. 

If joo need some latin cock you can find it everywhere but Magnum @ The Robertson has the best!! The Robertson is located next door to the Factory across from Abbey. 

Last but certainly not least is BFD @ Fubar ... WeHo's longest running party!!! We just love waiting to see who wins the big d!ck contest at the end of the night! It saves us from doing the leg work hunny! If joo're out of deodorant you should blend right in here honey.

All of these parties are FREE.



  1. Ummm, so why is there a picture of Joe Hollywood, aged 10, at the top of this post?

  2. That wallpaper is hideous.
    Poor kid, having to live in such an environment!

  3. He can stick them legs right up my asshole and play rock paper sissiors!!! yeeeeeehaw!! Minus the condim!!!! Plus the TINA!

  4. everyone who enters this trash ass site (myself included) will die a hideous death one day. This site is the dark side of homosexuality

    1. Then kindly tell us what the light side is?
      No need to be racist, this site caters to all races, creeds, and colors of the rainbow!

    2. Because they told you what was going on tonight?
      This post is about as innocuous as this site ever gets!

  5. get a fucking life it's a blog bitch, a mother fucking blog. all blogs have comments. oh we hate the site, cause we hate the comments. as you leave another comment. now hating yourself. even we're going to throw up. wow is me selfloathing fuck face! you hate yourself we get it!!! we don't hate anyone we just laugh at them. there is a mother fucking difffernce so quit bringing us down you bitchassqueen

    1. That's telling them!
      I hate when stupid queens bring us all down with their stupid, moralizing, hand wringing posts like the one above.
      Just go smoke sum Tina or something, it might improve their outlook on life!

  6. I want to fuck that sweet twink's boy pussy. So cute!


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