Andrew Christian
January 3, 2013

What’s the deal with Simon Dexter & Benjamin Godfre? F-Buds? Bromance? Fakes?

Benjamin is this bi/homo dude (model, Falcon porn actor, website developer, skate boarder, pot head:, along with bi/homo/confused Simon Dexter Czaplinski (model, RentBoy escort, former Sean Cody actor named “Harley,” who dated a transsexual named Yasmine Petty/Jennifer Paris in NYC: Both recently teamed up in Costa Mesa to launch some mobile app (PartyByngo), post incessantly on Facebook and Instagram, and now have moved to a loft space in DTLA to take over the world!
Get more dirt here!!



  1. finally someone is calling out these wierdos lol, seen them in weho a few times

  2. My interest level in this guy and his coterie of hanger ons is less than zero.

    1. Pencil dick (see the links in the rest of the comments for pix).

      He's got a sk8r bod, tho, so ass might be good, altho I would def USE A CONDOM (no guarantee that you will be saved from the warts or hepatitis with a condom, tho; just google that shit).

      I have a question for MissCleo: if you fuck an ass with anal warts, don't you then get genital warts? And if you suck a dick with HPV, don't you get them in your throat? CDC says HPV causes cervical/throat/rectal cancer, so why does everyone say just go get them speed bumps lasered off your anus/perineum? You still die, right? Just like with Hep C eventually giving you liver CANCER?

      All these PNP WeHo whores make me lauuuuggghhhhhhhhhh! Gurlz, you all got SOMETHIN', so paaarrrrrtttteeee on and remember that #DragIsDead, but so are you.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. He is one hot fucker!! damnnnnn id sit on that.

  5. Instagram: simondexter and benjamingodfre. Boy does Simon like preaching and posting pics of himself scantily clad LOL. That Ben guy has a serious pot problem.

  6. Is it possible to have a "serious" pot problem?
    It's like that season of "Celebrity Rehab" where some stupid whore was in for an addiction to marijuana.
    Really, bitch?
    Last time I checked, no one had ever OD'd or otherwise died from too much pot.
    It IS nasty and smelly, but pretty far down the list of stuff anyone should be worried about.

  7. They no longer live together.. old news, see

  8. hilarious!

  9. Yawn.
    We need more "HOW DOES THIS PERSON PAY HIS RENT" posts, or "Who or What Is A...(?)" ones.
    These guys are too boring to generate any real controversy.

  10. here's how simon pays the rent, hunty...

    1. Oooohhhh, now that's the kind of stuff I'm talking about!

  11. hes sexy as fuck damn

  12. What a fucking retard. Really? Still skateboarding past your teenage years? Lol. Anybody that says "bro/dude" as much as this filth, and tries to act SO straight is sad and pathetic.

    1. I couldn't have said it better myself.
      And just because you go out and buy sk8er clothes DOES NOT make you an actual skateboarder!
      Only a delusional, sad, pathetic FUCKTARD!

  13. One of these two have ben giving the township anal warts.
    Rest in piece Brian Putnam you druuged out alcoholic
    Detox- good luck on rupauls show
    Bye bye Fruute at Pavillions shopping center
    Raja, sorry you could NOT get your friends in at the Abbey on NYE and asked NOT to perform
    Bobby Trendy you look like a clown but everyone knows who you are- so props to you
    Mellissa Brown- may you have enough white powder up your nose this year
    Anegelyne you are nothing but garbage
    Andrew Christian and Block party- please stay open so I can CONTINUE to shoplift from you
    24 hour fitness- thank you for letting me sneek in to cruise for sex w/o paying
    Allusia I hope you become 2 feet taller in time
    Vicky Vox I think you should win a contest this year


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