Some People Have No Filter:



  1. I say he needs to learn how to spell.

  2. You're the retard who packed an overnight bag for a trick. Notice I used the correct version of "you're". Please go back to school and learn that "there" means something like "He's going over there" and the correct way to spell it is ..."showing me their pics." Enjoy your dead end job working retail. Learn to spell and maybe I'll hire you to answer my phone someday.
    This city is so full of bleach blonde twinks from the mid-west that think they own the world. It makes me sick. They are so fucking dumb and yet they fill the pages of this entire website. I find it entertaining so I keep coming back but most of the time I shake my head while looking down from my house in the bird streets. Why can't any gay men (and I use that term loosely) actually strive for something more?

  3. @3:52 "the bird streets" how fucking pretentious.

  4. Yeah, I have to agree with 6:39..."the bird streets"?
    Because, you know, the birds don't visit anywhere else.
    Look, I'm all for correct grammar and punctuation but posts like yours just kill the fun mood. Yeah, yeah, we know, you're a successful daddy who knows the difference between "they're" and "there" and everyone else is a dumb blonde twink. I hate fucks like you who make stupid, I'll informed generalizations like that.
    Go eat birdshit with the birds on your bird street, FUCKTARD!
    Now, back to the topic at hand....
    Angel should have taken a page from the Joe Hollywood play book and while this asshole was in the shower taken his money and drugs. Turn lemons into lemonade, hunty!

  5. I live on Dicks street. Cause thats where all the dicks are...January 20, 2013 at 10:03 AM

    @ Miss Cleo

    "Because, you know, the birds don't visit anywhere else."?

    Yeah, that's why the area is called the bird streets. How uninformed.


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