SoCal's Gay Circle of Life is a Walk in the Park:

And NO, we're not talking about the type of park George Michael cruises.

Weho is just like the merry go' round it spins and spins, people get on, they get off & the closer you get to the Abbey the louder they scream & the dizzier you are.... until eventually you throw up. Oh and the ones who think they're never getting off the merry go round always fall off hardest & or get hurt the worst, while the rest of us laugh until you cry uncle or bully.

After WeHo wears you out..... you can enjoy your 7-14 year layover at the "swings" aka (enter metal chains) Silverlake before making your way down the 10 east to your final destination...

The Palm Springs "sand box" is your final destination. Here you will start out as a born-again TWINK, even at age 55, but remember sooner or later some b!tches will be there with a shovel to burry your a$$ in the sand, alongside everyone else. In the mean while just enjoy the cheap drinks at Wang's... that is unless you get r!ch at some point...

Then you'll take the 10 west to the kiddie pool aka Malibu! Where you can live forever with some muscle twinks, drinking their blood, paying their rent or whatever.



  1. Lol this is funny and true!

  2. Hi livonia ! See you in PS girl!

  3. Is this elementary school for gays or what? I thought we all knew this already!


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