Andrew Christian
January 8, 2013

Sibling Show Fall Winter 13/14

To be honest we don't know what to think of Sibling's latest collection!! 




  1. Collection?
    It looks like a bunch of shit they found dumpster diving, bought a bunch of Chucks and some animal print fabric, and voila! A new "collection".

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. But let us not forget the knitwear! Finally, an use for my knitting needles other than shoving them up the urethras of PNP'ers! Hunties, needlework can have double and more meaning, so check what you are getting into before "liking" this shit.

      (Shameful admission: I can knit, crochet, quilt, and embroider. Keeps my hands busy when the drugs kick in and everyone else is otherwise "occupied".)

      PS for MissCleo: I live for your comments!

    3. Why, thank you, Peter!
      Miss Cleo tried to take up knitting and crocheting but lacked the patience to do it well (if at all).
      I'm glad to know there ARE other uses for these needles, too!
      Maybe I should have tried to do it high, maybe I could have come up with something similar to this "collection".....hmmmm...

  2. this is horrible, not art, and DEFF. not fashion.... these people are on fucking shrooms when designing this shit

    1. Tina, definitely Tina.
      As a rule I'm quite creative on shrooms.

  3. Hellz to the no the first bitch I see in Weho wearing this I'm gonna throw eggs at

  4. Here's what to think about it... don't.


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