Ain't No CODY Got Time ... To Pay The Gas Bill:

Of course this eastside promoter did not pay her gas bill & is already so excited about having an excuse to not shower that he's broadcasting it to the whole world on facebook. Gurl please.... phone a friend!

There's a shower at the gym !!!

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  1. Cody pay your bill on time I sed!January 23, 2013 at 10:38 PM

    Cody, the paperless bill did NOT end up in the spam folder all of the sudden. First you got a 3 day notice this last month and in Sept from the Land Lord and your car has a 15 day note to pay on it or it will be picked up by the finace company. Why don't you stop blaming all others an djust pay your bill on time? Set the pipe down you old buzzard and pay your bills on time. Your worse then any black skinned person I know!

    1. WHO? He is so 9 years ago.

      Stay current wehocon

      shame shame wehocon

  2. If someone can't even pay a fucking utility bill, then you know they're a loser and to stay far, far away.
    But hey, when you spend all your coins on drugz and liquor and partying every month, it's no wonder these idiots end up with no electric, gas, and 3 day notices on the door from the landlord!!!
    Too bad he couldn't run a pipe from his ass to the stove, he'd have all the gas he needed then!

  3. Are all guys from Silver Lake and the east side this gross and smelly and unwashed and grimy etc etc etc ???

    1. In a word?

    2. ...Says the one whose butthole tastes like Greek yogurt and cigarette ash.

    3. How do you "know" when the poster is anonymous?
      Fucking moron.

    4. ^^^'re anonymous, but I still know you're a fucktard!


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