Meet the Candidate This Monday @YogurtStop - 01.21.13

If you haven't heard council candidate Steve Martin will be at Yogurt Stop tomorrow for a meet & greet on MLK Day!! Steve's at every council meeting speaking up against big issues that really influence our lives. We really like Steve because it's hard to decipher & then prepare for every battle from parking to random bans but Steve some how does it meeting after meeting, year after year. We trust that Steve will continue shining a light on the city's shady business practices before they grow legs. He's certainly not the youngest crayon in the box but he has to be the sharpest, brightest & most utilized. 

See you at noon!



  1. Steve and his smile have always been a welcomed fixture on the Blvd!!

    1. That's welcome fixture.
      Jesus, learn how to spell!

  2. Thank you for all that you do Steve!

  3. His butthole tastes like hanging chads and pencil erasers.

  4. Eww...He looks GAY!


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