Matt Dallas aka Dallas XY Comes Out . . . (15 Minutes are Up)

BREAKING NEWS! Matt Dallas (who?) just came out as gay!!! He is engaged to L.A. based musician Brandon Hamilton Blue (again, who?)

Hamilton left, Dallas right. 

Congrats to the jotas! 

 Carmen Jester Von Ferdinand


  1. Who or what is a Matt Dallas?

  2. How cool!!! Not! Who cares?

  3. Why is that 2012 Who's Who banner still up on the top of the site? Take that shit down. I feel like this is just some half ass hobby for someone.

  4. He came out back in 2009...he was dating Jonathan Bennett (Aaron Samuels) until he found out how much of a whore Jonathan was...

    1. i 2nd that ^
      He was already out..

  5. @10:31
    Because this site IS someone's half assed hobby, clearly!
    It will probably be there until June!

    1. While we are at it, why is the date on the Jesse Davis event 1/8/2012? Is it no one proof reads this shit or is it they are advertising an event that took place a year ago?

  6. Matt is cuter. But good for them.

  7. I guess he found love in a hopeless place, good for him! Who is the horrid drag queen? Why is it ugly fat guys think they will make pretty women? That thing is repulsive and is a danger to society....just saying

    1. My thoughts exactly!
      Keep it away from small children, that thing is scaaaaaary!
      I'm sure that ugly fat man smoked a shit ton of Tina and then got in drag...when you're that high you really do think you're the cats meow, beauty wise.
      Though how it is relevant to this post escape me.

    2. My Dear Miss Cleo,

      I want to first state just how much I appreciate you and your views. I always appreciate the kind comments and compliments you have always given my posts. When you proclaimed that my 4 point post on Joe Hollywood's lip augmentation was "everything" my heart swelled with pride. I also walked a little taller when you said I nailed it and called me hunty, that was a pivotal moment in my life.

      The reason I adore this praise is because I in fact believe that Miss Cleo is the "nom de plume" of Lucas John, and I have to admitt that I find Lucas to be one hot daddy. In fact I would tear Lucas up and make him see his God on a regular basis if given the opportunity. I feel this would be a public service of sort because I would put a smile on his face and in return he might ease up on a few of the people that are unjustly attacked on here, there aren't a lot because most of these messes are begging for it, but for the few that have displeased him it might give them a break.

      To answer your question on why I felt it relevant to comment on that horrid drag queen, I just felt it is was completely uncalled for to subject the readership to that horror after reading a sweet story about people who have found love, and someone having the balls to come out, (even though I think it was a career move) and include a cute picture of his man and puppy. I was feeling all warm and fuzzy after the article then I saw that face, which quite frankly I don't think I will ever be able to unsee.

      If I am wrong about you being Lucas, please accept my apologies and know I think your great. If I am right, well I am 29 6 ft 185 brn/ bl prof with a big dick and a total top, what do you say Lucas?

  8. @JustSayin
    Much as I might like to say I am this Lucas John (whom I gather runs or otherwise is responsible for this site) I cannot claim that credit.
    No, I'm just someone who stumbled across this site ~6 months ago (via World of Wonder, I believe) and have spent a few minutes here and there amusing myself (and, hopefully, others) posting a few comments here and there.
    But thanks for the kind words, it does mean a lot!

  9. But who or what is a Carmen Jester von Ferdinand?
    And why is it pictured at the bottom of this post, as has been asked earlier on this thread?
    Inquiring minds are terrified, and want to know!


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