Lenora Claire + Man Arm = Tattoo

We love this little red headed party icon..... but really? This dude must be smoking crystal to be tatting her face on his arm! Maybe we should tattoo David Cooley's mug on our mussies to keep up with the times. 

Portrait by Austin Young by Cameron of True Tattoo.



  1. Lenora is awesome.
    Love her.

  2. I find it just as funny as you do but it's actually not the only one out there.

  3. Someone's a little jelly of LC.

    So, she has a fan who goes as far as tattooing her face to his arm. As strange as it would be to find my porcelain freckled face on some strange man's arm, this stunning "red headed party icon" just has that affect on people.

    I don't. (And since I'm not any sort of icon, I would probably ask for a restraining order.)

    Good for her. Work it, girl.

    Wonder what he paid.

  4. BBW-tastic... I guess.. At least he only did the head; the rest of her would never fit on his arm.


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