Andrew Christian
January 30, 2013

Join Jackie Beat's Hip Replacement Fund:

After years of excruciating pain, comic performer/writer JACKIE BEAT is finally getting a double hip replacement. Can you help?

Take a big-boned man-lady who has run around in high heels for over 20 years, add the fact that her mother drank like a fish and smoked like a chimney while pregnant with her, make it all take place right here in America instead of Canada and what do you get? A world-famous drag superstar with two hips that are crumbling like a sandcastle during high tide.
NEWS FLASH: There's no such thing as a Drag Queen union, and as a result, I have no medical insurance. After years of excruciating pain it's finally time for the DOUBLE hip replacement. Many years ago I was told that my right hip was "bone-on-bone" (no, that's NOT the latest Chi Chi LaRue DVD!) and the left was almost as bad. But I didn't have the money, the time or the courage to have the surgery and continued to dance like a monkey and sing like a bird, despite the pain. But the time has come when I can barely walk and this must happen NOW.
Beat's surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, March 12th. She's terrified, but this must be done. She realizes that this is NOT LIFE-THREATENING, but it has and continues to greatly effect and diminish her QUALITY OF LIFE.
So, if she ever given you a chuckle or made you crack a smile, please slip a little something into the brandy snifter here on mama's piano. (Okay, stop looking for a piano, that was merely a creative way of begging you to please give!) Every little bit helps. Is she embarrassed? Of course. Will that stop her from begging? Never.
Thank you so much and please feel free to share this!



  1. Who or what is this creature?

    ONE she is POZ
    2 she has zero talent
    3 abbey fired her because she had 1 audiece member
    4 she had to use a fish net to collect pennies!

    1. 1.
      If you can't come up with anything more original than the same tired "She's POZ"crap, move on.
      Seriously, it wasn't even funny three years ago, and now it's just trite and stupid.
      And if she has "zero talent" why has she performed all over the US?
      Next time, come up with something better than the COPY/PASTE feature on your keyboard.

    2. Alexis arquette that movie you did was horrible piece of shit.

  2. How embarissing. Maybe she should have saved some if that $$$ instead of putting it up her nose.

  3. Well, she had to lose weight somehow!
    Too bad she gained it all back!
    I told her not to stop doing crystal!

  4. Jackie I think that at this time I would like to take a warm gooey dump of shit in your mouth so that you can enjoy something Royal in your life. Candy Asswood i sthe star in this town. You need to hang up the wigs and such . And you are tired you old whore please drink your own urine toinght

  5. Bullshit!!! It's no one's job but her own to make sure she's taken care of. What a load of crock!

  6. Ha! People outside Weho think she's rich. Hahaha

  7. I thought she was a Really Rich Italian Satanist???
    But seriously, get well soon, Jackie!

  8. If any radio stations still play my songs, i will donate all residuals from now til March 11

  9. I thought I really sucked and I was the campiest outdated queen on earth but I think the creature featured on this post eat the cake. ALL T ALL SHADE, hunty

  10. I love Jackie Beat . she is not poz doesn't do drugs and is one of the sweetest people i've every met!

    1. Exactly how many people have you every met? Obviously... she's the only one.

  11. FUCK. Crackie can't pay any of her own medical shit. Roseanne bought her stomach stapling and now she can't buy new fucking hips? Save your money, folks. There are people who need it more than a tired, old drag queen. Sucks not to have insurance, but c'mon. Because her life choices involved not getting a real job or using some of those tips to pay for monthly medical insurance instead of buying new shit for her house or new costumes or whatever, NOW she wants to rely on the kindness of strangers to get her through. AGAIN? PLEASE. That bitch needs to make sacrifices like everyone else. Darling needs to sell some of her shit. Tired of these "performers" begging for thousands of dollars for everything in their lives -- KIckstarter shit for their dumb music videos, fund their stupid shows, etc. AND now the audicity of asking people to help pay medical expense. NO MORE! Give that money to bums on the street, at least they're more honest and need it more than these fuckers who live in nice apartments or houses or whatever and cry "poor" when they don't want to live within their means. FUCK THAT.


  13. THIS REMINDS ME OF THE TIME when sonique had asked people on Facebook to help her with her tranny surgeries and all her followers were sumpi g on her saying how dare she ask friends for hand outs when there are other trams who do their own surgeries with their own money. They trashed her so much. Then Sonique took down the post and link. She has yet to finish her surgery.

  14. Maybe she should quit eating so much. Then, she would have money for her dr bills. This he/she is constantly begging for $$$.

  15. Why can't she get a job as a nursing aide in an hospice and still the dying patient's pain pills like everyone else in WeHo does?


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