GLAAD Wrongly Attacks Rapper Azealia Banks to get Free Press

GLAAD is such a joke these days, made up of elitist queens who care more about climbing the social ladder & free press than they do about the gay community. Why would GLAAD jump in to a quarrel to defend Perez Hilton against a female rapper who called him a faggot when he was looking for a fight? ? ?  We may like it rough around here but at least we have enough integrity not to mess with other people's families like Perez consistently does.

^We're sure Teresa's kids enjoyed reading this at lunch^

Yes GLAAD let's defend the attempted internet based home wrecker against rapper Azealia Banks, whose best friend is Mykki Blanco... the fierecest queen in all of the land.

We think Azelia hit the nail on the head:

"Glaad and all these others need to give it a break... Picking and choosing when to be offended..... Pfffft, as f*cking if.," she tweeted. "As if all 'derogatory' words are not now in 2013, simply just expletives." Azealia Banks 

We agree with Azealia 100%....
GLAAD is a tired waste of space trying to remain relevant in 2013 by attacking the next big thing. It's pathetic really. They could've just called her privately to discuss the matter. "Let's give a free passes to Paris & Perez Hilton and throw stones at Azealia!!"

Please if you're making donations to GLAAD... stop & send them where your contributions might actually make a difference. GLAAD's more concerned about selling tables at their next big fundraiser than they are about what's really happening. Old out of touch queens trying to remain relevant.

It's 2013 ... will the white male elitists of GLAAD come down off of their high "muholland" horses or will they continue to ride the media coattails of others? Can someone please "volunteer"to  teach these old poodles a few new tricks?

AZEALIA WE GOT YOUR BACK BOO!! We're tired of GLAAD too & they do not represent us all. In fact, we thank you for standing your ground against them.




  1. I don't know what an Azealia Banks is, but I agree. I directed my GLAAD donations towards the HRC a few years ago when I saw all the stupid non-fights that GLAAD would pick to manipulate people.

  2. Look, I can't stand fucking Perez Hilton, and for the record, I agree with (most) of your assessment of GLAAD, too.
    But hold on a goddamn minute here.
    Let's flip this situation around, and imagine what would have happened if this same fight happened but instead of this happening let's say Perez Hilton called Azealia Banks an uppity nigger?
    The outcry from the NAACP, Jessie Jackson, and all the other usual suspects would have been deafening, even if they (like most of us) didn't even know who the hell she was.
    Look, you ALMOST hit the nail on the head when you said GLAAD shouldn't get to pick and choose who they defend...except there is NEVER an excuse to call someone gay a "faggot" as a slur, no matter how much that person (Perez) may be a fucking waste of space.
    There isn't any way to spin it, and there isn't any way to say it's OK, because it isn't.
    Any more than using "nigger" to describe just SOME black people that get out of line.

    1. SOME black people that get out of line? really?
      Hunty please... you almost had a point.

      GLAAD is cruising for free press & they don't care who they stomp on to do it.
      If they actually cared they could've set up a meeting but they are fueling this drama.

    2. It was sarcasm, clearly.
      But I agree 100% that GLAAD is using this (like pretty much everything they stick their necks out fcr these days) for more free press and publicity (and $$$).
      No argument at all there.

  3. It's just a dirty name for someone. There is a difference between being gay and being a FAGGOT just like there is a difference between being black and being a NIGGER....and Perez IS A FAGGOT... horrible human being....

  4. Everyone seems to overlook the fact that she told Perez to kill himself. That's the only thing I found offensive/wrong out of all this.


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