Ey Bro Look @ Me:

She's so masculine right now.



  1. Who or what is a Justin Root?
    And why does he think one must be "masculine" to change a fucking tire, for Christ's sweet sake?
    I've known drag queens that can change one faster than he can, and that's when they're in full drag!

    1. Damn Miss Cleo give the boy a break. He is at least trying to change is limp wristed effeminate ways and do something considered manly. Albeit a lame attempt it is still an attempt. I don't see him being cast in a Die Hard movie anytime soon, and yes he looks kinda like a sporty lesbian, but I for one stand behind him, not close enough to touch him but still behind him!

    2. I guess he does deserve kudos for TRYING.
      And not just calling AAA.

  2. What does this one do for a living? Anyway never hurt to embrace stereotypes! Unless he does so with some of the company he apparently keeps. Careful, there are some very very bad eggs out there.

  3. Local Gay Changes Tire? Slow day in gossip.

  4. Who is he dating?

  5. Who the fuck cares?? No one. BORING


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