David Cooley is the Abbey's New Landlord:

How does that work ? ? ?

Apparently Lady Cooley made a huge real estate investment that closed this weekend!! That's right the most precious piece of real estate in all of the queendom has officially been sold to David Cooley.

As we all know Cooley founded the Abbey on his own & decades later formed a business partnership with SBE. The Abbey doesn't own the land she sits on so she's always had to pay rent to the property owner. The only difference now is that David Cooley is the new property owner & the Abbey's rent will now be paid to him. 

At the end of the day this is great news! If the Abbey's lease ever expired the Landlord could replace them with another tenant, despite all of the building's history & improvements. This is a great day for the LGBT history books & a great day for West Hollywood!! The Abbey is officially a "secured gay landmark"!!

Congratulations David!!!



  1. great day? close that dump.

  2. Please close it!
    Doesn't he have a raging coke problem, too?
    Surprised he has any money left!

  3. It smells like shit in there!!

  4. Ya Abbey has run its course.

  5. Honey he made me look like a bubble gummer and he gets treated like dr. Jonas Salk ....even though Manny plays my music every night at all his plum cherry gigs child!! I bring more joy to the boys than that tower of terror on Rossmore and all the yayo and Swedish hookers he passes to u ever will!

    1. When will Manny's teeth start turning from saffron/urine yellow to green?
      Isn't that the natural chemical progression of teeth that have a nodding acquaintance with a toothbrush and toothpaste?
      I'm honestly curious about this.

  6. Manny Paterl and his saffron yellow teeth and his purple tongue and buthole should be exhibited at the Smothsonian Institoot

  7. That was a mistake. That smelly dump need to close a actually be cleaned for once.


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