Andrew Christian
January 19, 2013

Daddies Review Rentboy: "Muscular Weho Teen"

Review #1 - 11/08/12
I emailed Lexteenbodyworship to figure out if we were a fit. I told him that I would like to worship his muscles; I love to touch; and would want to suck his cock. I contacted him because he was the only one listed in Lexington, Ky and I was wanting to touch. We made a date at my hotel. Mike (he later told me his real name) was so much better looking in person (he had shared a couple of face pics). His body is, of course beautiful. He has the best biceps I have ever seen. He was not shy in the least, striped right away and I touched right away. He has the most handsome face and the most beautiful smile. I just could not stop looking at his face!!! And a great friendly personality...I played with his muscles for a while and then started to rub that beautiful cock. I asked him if I could put my mouth on it; it fit perfectly. I edged him a few times til he was about to bust...And it was sweet. I ended up hiring him 4 more times while I was in town (I was addicted). Even better than all of that (the muscles, the beauty, the smile, the eyes) he has a great, friendly, caring personality...And he loves to get a blow job!!! I can't wait to get back to Lexington

Review #2 - 11/16/12:
When I opened the door I saw this beautiful young man who looks as if he is still a boy , He had a great smile on his face and he was beaming. We talked for a while to get to know each other. He has a wonderful accent when he talks. He is a living doll. We got naked and he gave me a massage and then we cuddled and played with each others dick. At the time he didn't know if he wanted to kiss. He did finally kissed and I went down on him. At the time I saw him he wouldn't do annal. He went to California for a few days and he says he now does oral. He will let you suck him for $200. If that is all you want to do. He is a honest young man who is just getting started and will be a great escort in time. If you want to see him at the end of month he is moving to Calif. He has a beautiful muscular body. He is a good talker.

Review #3 - 1/18/2013:
Mike recently moved to LA from Lexington KY (where he received two very favorable reviews on this site). 19 year-old Mike is definitely straight but still enjoys some sex with guys. He says he enjoys being bottom (but I'm vanilla so didn't try it this time). Mike is incredibly nice and personable, equalling his extraordinarily beautiful looks. He doesn't have a car out here yet so I don't know how he manages outcalls, as I met him at his place. Also, his phone number is inaccessible at times, so it is best to email him. He was prompt in replying to me by email. Definitely someone I wish to see again. (On the Rentboy site, you will find him under "Muscular Weho Teen.")

But who exactly is this Mike fellow?

According to our research he's a straight boy who loves to receive oral & is into being on bottom.
Straight.... COUGH, COUGH!!!!



  1. Teen???????
    HAHAHAHAHAHA he looks about 30!
    And has a tiny shriveled dick ('roids will do that to you).
    Gotta love the picture taken at some weekly rental shithole with all his clothes and crap in the background!
    I guess if you're in Kentucky there isnt a whole lot of competition, escort wise.

  2. Wanna see his face pics?
    Check it out while it is still up:
    The password is: muscles

    That might help figure out the mystery guy...

    1. The correct address:


  3. his butt hole tastes like disco fries

    1. Really?
      I personally thought it tasted more like poutine.

  4. i dont get why anyone would pay someone to blow them.

    1. Um... 'cause that "someone" won't blow for FREE?


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