Andrew Christian
January 27, 2013

At raspy now w/ Sharon Needles



  1. More like sharing needles at Raspy(Rasputin)

  2. Enter at ur own risk!!!!

  3. Is that a Members Only jacket?

    1. No Miss Cleo, they are considered vintage now and therefore are now pricey, this whore has a hard time getting his daily fix si I know he couldn't afford the $29.99 that those jackets cost. My only question is how do you do so much coke and still be fat?

    2. That's a mystery whose solution had eluded me, too, until I finally found out how...
      I also knew one particular coke whore who like this gentleman was more than a little corpulent, and I couldn't for life of me figure it out, given his massive intake of Bolivian Marching Powder.
      Turns out, as soon as he came down from each binge he would then start a NEW binge-on food! This bitch would scarf down two large pizzas, bags of Doritos, you name it!
      So his caloric intake was still huge, despite the cocaine.
      And it's not like he was getting any exercise - bending over to do a line doesn't tend to burn many calories!

  4. I'll be at Toucan's tonite with miss tommi rose. Catch me if u can!!!

    1. Honey, you'll be so tweaked out that no one would be able to keep up!


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