Army Corps homophobia May have Prompted Destruction of 40 acres of Green Space

Absurd, unnecessary social engineering and possibly illegal environmental tactics — that's what some activists and politicians are calling the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' surprise destruction before Christmas of more than 40 acres of prime wildlife and vegetative habitat five miles north of the Getty Center in the Sepulveda Dam Basin.

Facing increasing criticism for bulldozing a cherished bird habitat and wetlands ecosystem spanning 40 football fields — in a city where most wetlands were long ago destroyed — Corps officials insisted the federal flood-control agency had no choice, in part because cruising gay men and homeless campers had flocked there and endangered the public. Click here to read on.



  1. Him sorry, but I will never understand why, in 2012, there are still men out there who insist on cruising parks and public bathrooms for casual sex when there is the Internet plus cruising apps beyond counting that make hooking up as easy as ordering a pizza.
    Yeah, yeah, I know...some gay guys "get off" on this stuff (see: George Michael) and then there are the self hating closet cases like Larry "Wide Stance" Craig, but come on.
    I just never understood the attraction of sucking dick in a shit smelling bathroom and never will.

  2. Him= I'm
    Goddamned auto correct !


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