Apple's New Commercial

You don't need to have friends or a life for that matter. All you need is the new iPhone 5. 



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    1. Luke Nero's Salty Caramel ButtholeJanuary 9, 2013 at 3:52 AM

      Gurl on my Galaxy Note 2 I can MULTIWINDOW and be on Grindr and Jack'd and TINA at the same time.

    2. Miss Cleo loves her Galaxy Note 2!

  2. Replies
    1. Miss Cleo also likes Danny and would like to see more of him and less of Adore.
      Concentrate on your singing career, hunty, not drag!

  3. One question: how much Tina did she smoke prior to recording this video?
    Gurl, she was TWEAKED THE FUCK OUT!

  4. MissCleo, Miss Adore is a Drug FREE Queen. You need to get off your PIPE. ASAP.

    See you Friday at WTF Fridays at Shark Club ;D (wink)

  5. Whatever you say, Angel baby, whatever you say.
    Miss Cleo doesn't have a pipe but thanks for your concern.

  6. He's trying way too hard. He needs to stop.

  7. Hey Buckweed, you need to borrow Misty's Speak & Spell. Apples is plural, Apple's is possessive. Work it out.


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