Andrew Christian Peep Show: J/O Time

Ugh this video is seriously making us wish we were Andrew Christian right now!!

Quinn's a$$ is everything.. staring at is makes us want to suffocate ourselves to death...

And the mini cam videos are too much.. we can't!!!




  1. really fucking cool video and yes, quinn might have the best ass ever.
    i have a really hard time believing that ass has never been fucked.
    there has to be someone out there that can admit to fucking him? anyone?

  2. Quinn's butt tastes like a butterfinger blizzard

  3. Please why would you want to be Andrew Christian? You should want to be one of the models so you can join in with their orgies. They sure as hell don't let Andrew fuck them..gross

  4. Jeff White (Andrew's sugar daddy) and owner of Andrew Christian hired me to fuck him in the butt. Thank God , I don't have to escort any more, that is all I gotta say about that.

  5. I'd travel by time machine to 1940 Germany, locate the Gestapo and volunteer that I'm a mentally retarded homosexual with the last name Friedenthal before joining in that orgy.

  6. The Andrew Christian models that are not that popular are the hottest ones. Jake, Philip, Sean, Daniel S are hotter than Colby, Quinn, Brandon, Jason. It doesn't make any sense.

    1. Yeah, for the 15 people who care about such things.
      They aren't "models" just porn actors who get to model lame second rate underwear from time to time and because of that think they can call themselves "models" instead of "escort", "whore", "porno actor"!
      But fantasies sell, don't they?

    2. Ok ChocolateBeano you need to stop this shit right now, you comment made sense and was well thought out and well written....also you left the reader with an interesting point to question. This is Weho confidential ain't nobody got time for that mess here.

    3. It just goes to show that it's not always the BEST product that sells, but the BEST MARKETED product!


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