Absolutely Fabulous Film in the Works:

An Absolutely Fabulous film is slated for the near future, according to Joanna Lumley, who plays Patsy. Lumley confirmed that the project is in the pipeline, and that she will be serving some hot tranny mess realness once again! 

 "We've talked about it, Jennifer [Saunders] is writing the film," Lumley confirmed in an interview with The Telegraph. "Although yesterday the press were saying it's a musical now! But whatever it is, I'll be there."

So there we have it!! More AbFab for the queens!



  1. The three episodes Jennifer Saunders wrote hat aired last year weren't bad (MUCH better than the crappy ones she did way back in the early 00s).

  2. Someone must be hitting the pipe with all these back to (bare)back posts


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