WeHo Employee of the Month: Mirelle D' La Torre #TheAbbey

Get ready for a roaring season of holiday boozing...

Ever since Mirelle D' La Torre started shaking his social magic stick at the Abbey the party scene has gone from slightly popping to out of control... There always seems to be an event worth attending, even on Monday!!

D' La Torre is certainly the sweet icing on the Abbey's cake!!

See you there Thursday for Guys Gone Wild ft. Scarlett's Birthday Bash!!

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  1. The rise and fall of this lazy eyed horse faced power hungry bottom will be delightful.

  2. I will never buy a bottle from this donkey yuk

  3. I have to say she is carrying that extra 30lbs with great panache! Almost looks like an intentional weight gain, kudos! Next stop the bear community.

  4. YES!! Power Hungry Bottom!! LMAO!!

  5. this boy is shady...just wait and see :) enjoy!

  6. his butt hole tastes like coffee beans

  7. I remember meeting Mirelle a few years ago. He was so sweet and cute. It was awesome when he started working at Eleven, taking over for Lanny. I had partied with him over the years numerous times, then I left Cali for a little while... I just moved back and recently saw Mirelle, since he was hired at The Abbey as a manager. It has SOOOOO gone to his head. The sweet and genuine Mirelle is no more. There is a major arrogance and better than attitude that he has developed and it saddens me. Remember your roots Mirelle. Be nice and genuine to people. Get off your high horse.

  8. im nice. i promise. ;)

    1. You're not. You're a piece of shit. You use people, talk shit about people behind their back, are arrogant, and quite frankly a fucking maggot. When you die, the world will be a better place.

  9. lol! two face cunt? bitch if I don't like you I'll make sure to let you know...

    ps do I look like a donkey? HAHAHA

  10. btw all the mean comments... I don't mind... literally i can count with my hands the people I cannot stand in this town... and i make it very clear so no harsh feelings to all of those that don't like me... i am not expecting you to like me... you should know me better by now ;)

  11. I have gotten high with him. High on drugs that is. And the more drugs the more fun it is. Dont hate out there just get high with us then have sex with us. Why act like you dont get high? You need to PNP in this town to to get paid any ways. So please do get high an dget laid.

  12. He is the best!!!


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