Volunteer Opportunity to decorate AHF’s 2013 Tournament of Roses float

AHF is welcoming anyone who wishes to help construct the float to RSVP through www.aidshealth.org/rsvp. Upon registration, volunteer “Rose Buds” will receive the address where the float is being constructed in Irwindale, CA and will gain access to pizza parties and t-shirt giveaways specifically for volunteers.

What: Volunteer opportunity to decorate AHF’s 2013 Tournament of Roses float
Where: Irwindale, CA – for access and complete address, volunteers must RSVP
When:  December 26th – 31st 8 am – 11 pm daily at http://www.aidshealth.org/rsvp
CONTACT: 1.323.308.1833 or mobile 323.791.5526 Kyveli Diener, kyveli.diener@aidshealth.org

For additional information about volunteering in the float’s construction, email float2012@aidshealth.org.



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