Valentino's New Cheating 'Boy Toy' #socialclimber

Valentino & RJ King

Jane Fonda & RJ King

RJ King, Simon Huck, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian 

John Legend, Simon Huck & RJ King 

 Rj King & Valentino Cozy at home

 Estelle & RJ King

Valentino has been fornicating and on tour with his newest boy toy.

Wannabee model RJ King has been social climbing his little tail off since he hit the New York scene in June after making couch rounds in the Hamptons with undesirable daddy hosts such as designer Dennis Baso, artist Ross Bleckner, and Scott Currie w/ Elite Tahari. RJ King & Valentino were seen Friday at Chalet Giffenhorn and are even spending tonight together this New Years Eve in Gstaad, Switzerland    

RJ is also seeing Simon Huck, a failed reality Tv star who is "closies" with Kim Kardashian. No wonder why RJ also went after Huck. Who doesn't want to party with Estelle, Kanye, and Kim. Sign us up! RJ is deff hitting this social latter harder than Peter Thiel's new pet. 

Moral of the story, even Valentino can't land an exclusive boy toy no matter how much Valentino you drape on him. 

Happy Nude Year!
xoGossup Gurlxo


  1. Know it all Queen on Hancock Ave.December 31, 2012 at 6:47 PM

    Well theres a new" boy toy" every year. Only time will tell. A true boy toy will have toys. Let just see if its just fun picture taking time or will there be something to show for it other then a tired face and loose hole and emty bank account. I have been in this town for 30 years and have seen it all. Scott Thorson got a condo and two cars from Liberace.... Mark Christian I belive recieved $200K and a car and condo from Rock Hudson. Of coarse Bobby Trendy just buys million dollar life insurance policys and doent care about cars on a handfull off old queens and as of late Nick Gruber got a Bentley from ol Calvin but I did hear it got taken back 7 weeks ago....Andrew Gruver and Cheannye Parker are still chasing men around for free drinks.....Lets see how this whore plays out...could be just fun picture taking time:)

  2. He's hot... good for him

  3. He will be gone by next week. Wait till you see his nostrils in person - not cute

  4. R.J king is straight...
    false story

  5. Haha!! Thats true ! How many ore years can Cheyanne Parker drive around that older guys range rover? What about the fall out between Jerry and Andrew? Where are the drink tickets coming from now Dr Enrique?

  6. @6:47pm
    Yes, hunty, thanks for telling it like it is! This is the real T for sure!
    But seriously, if you had to have sex with that wrinkled mess you'd be cheating too...God knows, they all do it! I can only imagine how many drugs they have to smoke, snort, or inject just to get it up for these daddies.
    Or grand daddies.

  7. I'm sure ElieTahari won't appreciate his name being spelled Elite.

  8. sounds to me like someone has a case of the "jealous bitch!"

  9. Replies
    1. Sorry RJ is gone now, there is no coming back once you've sucked Valentino's dick, let's all bow our heads and have a moment of silence for this poor boy.

  10. Luvs RJ! Finally, someone worthy of a post since none of the rent trolls are worthy


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