Tristan Schukraft is Running for WeHo City Council

It's nice to see a strapping young man like Tristan running for city council... isn't it?

Soju B.

Don't forget to vote in favor of term limits this March 2013!!


  1. Does he own a shirt?

  2. who cares? do we really want a drunk drug addict in office though? tristan needs to grow up big time before he even thinks about running for office. 40 years old and still out drunk every night of the week and parTying it up at Reflex. so responsible. that's what i want running our city.

  3. He so hot and a really nice person. He can fuck my hole again any time. He has my vote.

  4. saw'ray bebe kween, u have to be 18 and actually live in the united republick of WEHO'z to vote (druken after hours sex in the city doesn't give you that right)

  5. Do you remeber the nite on the Atlantic cruise when we got high on Coacaine and Tina? And we had sex with Jay and Keith?
    There was not one condim in sight. Oh did I enjoy that nite. You then hit me up on Grynder a few days later an dI came over again to give and take another warm load and give you another warm load. I loved every bit of it...Tina is calling me again..Should I tell her a message for you or just come over to the Hancock lofts so we can make love till 9 am then sleep all day and start up again at 5 pm till we end up talking in gibberish again?

  6. Tristan actually has amazing plans for West Hollywood. He cares. He knows what the people want. The people that hate on him for partying and going out need to look in the mirror. Personally I'd rather have a city councilman who is more like me than some stuffy bureaucrat who thinks a glass of chardonnay is "getting wild".

  7. niggers n whites unite for TINA!December 13, 2012 at 10:44 PM

    @ 1032
    Hell yah . Id love to party with him. Im high now. Fuck Chardonay in the asshol crackola

  8. heez gross.
    this is like David Cooley running for mayor. Minus the millins and connectins.

  9. I've always thought WeHo doesn't have enough of a party culture, this guy seems like the one to make this town FUN and not so conservative!

    1. No one is voting for this idiot. He doesn't have a chance in hell.


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