Tis The Season to Get Canned

 Budget hunty.... 

We've noticed that a lot of gay boys are being laid off this holiday season...
This is not the time of year to be spending all your money on cocaine presents for your nose honay!

Boy Scouts
Gay Magazines
Ad Networks

Invest in a flask & some top ramen if necessary.
It's time to stretch those dollars!! This post recession bubble is about to burst & the gays are always the first "corporate accessory" to go. If you're in a position to hire "family" please do so. 

xo xo


  1. MissCleoWishesYouAMerryXmas!December 24, 2012 at 6:34 PM

    PNP is where it's at, hunties!
    I spend ALL my $$$ on Tina presents for my meth pipe and lungs!
    So do all these Weho queens!
    Believe it!

    1. Blowquandra PNPING!December 24, 2012 at 8:04 PM

      Thats the TRUTH Ms Cleo!! Why bother with shirts that dont fit?

      Shoes that look tacky? PNP allll the way baby!!! YOu gotta

      PNP In this town!

      Blowquandra !

    2. Hey Blowquandra how you ben gurl?

  2. MissCleoWishesYouAMerryXmas!December 24, 2012 at 11:06 PM

    Who cares about shirts that don't fit!
    Or condims!
    All we care about is the Tina, the meth pipes, and the barebacking!
    If you don't PNP in this town, you don't get any.
    It's just that simple.
    I do hope everyone is having a great Christmas night, and enjoying the ice, ice baby!
    Have a Tina-riffic holiday!

  3. You can hire me. I got laid off from an ad firm because the major client cut their budget for 2013. Yay!!!

    1. Blowquandra moving on up to Leimert parkDecember 25, 2012 at 3:46 PM

      Ill hire you ti get high with me then watch you peel off yur eyelids and hand them to me ..all teh while Im ramming a cleaver up ur butthole freshly dipped in lemon juice and karoseen!! At the same time slapping ur face with a mallet! Ill give YOU 50 cents an hour hows that?!

      Blowquandra moving on up to Leimert park!

    2. These Weho queens all act so stuck up on here, Blowquandra!
      They all act like they don't do Tina and PNP but we know different, don't we hunty?


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