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  1. Her lips would look good around my infected peen.

  2. his ass tastes like a smoked ham

  3. Lawd Jesus what happened to Dida Ritz!? Lmao

  4. @8:17
    She injected some bad Botox from Mexico, and some saline implants.
    Bless her heart, she chose the $49.99 discount package to stop the march of time over her drug ravaged face, with the results you see posted above.
    Oh well, at least she can make some extra money sucking cock on the side now, hunty!

  5. We already have enough people bashing the gay community why must the gay community bash its own family? This site really is a disgrace to the gay community and represents who we are very poorly.

    It wont be until someone kills themselves over something someone posts on here about them till someone does something about all of the fucked up shit you people post about people you dont even know. Think about how many people you're hurting by posting random comments about them. How bad would you feel if on the news the following morning there was a story of how some young innocent gay man took his life due to what you people post? I know I would not be albe to live with myself knowing I caused someone so much pain it caused them to take their life. Think twice about what you guys say about your gay family.

    Also, those who post about how they are HIV positive and think its funny that they hook up with strangers and dont disclose their HIV status and have unprotected sex then boast about it on here.... You should know that is a serious offense and is unlawful. If you are caught you will be charged with a fellony and a maximum sentence of life in prison (dont believe me, do you homework). Think twice about what you post and the actions you take in life.

    Be fun with your posts but not to the point of making someone feel like they have no way out but to end their lives. This will happen sooner or later guys.

    Keep your chins up everyone who is made fun of on this site, tomorrow's another day.

    Im sure I'll get some smart ass comment below this one which goes to prove just how childish the people on this site are.

  6. ^^^AGAIN^^^????
    Jesus, get a life!
    You're not Dr. Fucking Phil, asshole!
    Do you honestly think this tranny pictured above even HAS a computer (much less an internet connection) to get online and see this picture and the attendant comments?
    Of course, morons like you don't care you just copy and paste shit because you're lazy, just like you're too lazy to douche so when you get fucked minus the condim you get shit all over nice 300 count sheets.
    You're disgusting.


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