Butt Sex & Indians

We know the Connecticut shootings are a total bummer...

So we've decided to change the subject to sex. Yes SEX & Indians! You know sex, that thing you wish you were having right now, anytime & all the time.

Did you know that Los Angeles was originally the home of the Gabrielino Indian village of Yang-Na? The tribe was virtually un-westernized before the 1750's & until the early 1900's.

The Gabrielinos & most So Cal Indians loved gay sex. Captain Fages who visited in 1775 said the Chumash Indians of Santa Barbara were "addicted to the unspeakable vice of sinning against nature in excess so criminal it seems forbidden to speak it's name." In other words the men were fu(king the hell out of each other all day long. Spanish missionaries who visited after Capt. Fages accused the Gabrielinos of "Horrible Customs" according to Father Geronimo Boscana who went to on to proclaim "There will be much to do when the Holy Faith & Christian religion take over."

In the local indian tribes biological males who preferred to dress as women were called "Wergen" & the tribe esteemed them as more spiritual then most people. Wergen often became shamans & were even allowed to marry other men. The same was true for females although they were not given the prestigious title of a shaman. Boys who wanted to marry boys often did & they were considered trophy wives amongst the tribe, thanks to their robust work skills & their ability to pitch in on tougher chores.

So at the end of the day LA is a gay mecca to its core. Fu(k the Padres, christians & the boats/horses they rode in on.

Don't feel bad about your sexual desire to milk the cum out of your fellow brethren .. embrace the opportunities with pride & thank Madonna that the Christian suppression of homosexual acts in Los Angeles has officially been destroyed & the rampant sex acts of the homosexual have been restored to glory in a post-grindr era.


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