Mr Black Says Goodbye Tonight R.I.P

It's your last chance to see Mr. Black tonight at Bardot. Saygoodbye. @MRBLACKLA @mrBLACKnyc.

Sometimes some tattoos are meant to go away :(

Luke Nero is now focused on Rasputin. LA's #1 Gay Night! Check out their one year anniversary this Saturday!

In other news Christopher Clark is out of a JOB!

With love,

WeHo Confidential


  1. Mr. Black died in NYC. This is the h&m version. good bye poser.

  2. I've been to both and they were both amazing in their own way.

  3. If you are amazed by Rasputin you need to get out of the valley mote often.

  4. Mr. Black NYC & Mr. Black L.A. are under the same umbrella run by the same people.

    Parties are an acquired taste; to each their own. Bottom line, at least there is an effort to try and create something new and fresh.

    Don't be a wet blanket. Applaud creativity, successful or not.

  5. Luke's butthole tastes like salted caramel

  6. It was a great party ..i did my meth came in drank and danced the nite away. Every Tuesday I d find some one to take home from that club! This crowd never used a condim which I loved. Also Melissa Brown the token house Nigger was a riot!! But her Avon perfume would make me sneeze and pass gas at the same time!! Bye Bye Mr Black you were great!

  7. Melissa Brown (Downtown)December 5, 2012 at 3:27 PM

    I can't get up, I am still drunk and high, my body is numbed. Someone please bring a taco and some watermelon

  8. side note->.. matt szabo doesnt look like hes friendly..... gurl too much plastic

  9. hey kids , you can all come over to my place and smoke meth on tuesday nights now!

  10. Luke Nero's Salty Caramel ButtholeDecember 6, 2012 at 4:36 PM

    GAG ME

  11. anyone know who the guy with the cig is?, he's mad sexy.

  12. ^ Nope, the one getting a tatt is sexier.

    Us anyone seen the pictures Daniel Henson took at Mr.Black? Hot stuff!

  13. Where has Lucas John been the past two days? I checked the LA County Sheriff's inmate search and his name did not turn up. Only thing I can say is...LUCAS, put down the meth pipe and get back to posting your trashy gossip. We need it like you need the Truvada, STAT!

  14. Hmmmmm I think after Mr. Black last Tuesday everyone in this town is on a meth comma. Even Melissa Brown has barely posted on FB. I guess they put something in the drinks...everybody walked out of that place like if they were zombies, a Rupocalypse really happened in there and the only survivor was Joe Hollywood


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