Missed Connection: (American Rag) Hot tall guy - m4m - 24

You were at American Rag today. Tall blonde guy. 

We kept checking each other. Tell me something particular about your face.....something kinda distinct.  

You were a very pretty boy model type.




  1. Well, since I am on this site, I clearly have full-blown AIDS, so I am sure my facial wasting was quite distinctive. Or you may have noticed the clusters of herpes at both corners of my mouth and around my left nostril. Or was it my saffron colored eyes from my Hep C?

    Can't wait to give you my charged load, slam with you, and then scat like a cat all over your face. Hit me up!

  2. Do people actually read these on CL? PATHETIC.

    Try asking the person out you douche. Anyone that uses Craig's list to date is obviously hideous and probably imagining things.


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