Marc Rigoni's Letter to His Future Body:

Love him even more now!

Get it boo...

And remember chicken breasts are your friends.



  1. Dumbasses who post shit like this are the first ones to gain all the weight back. How about doing P90x without the dumb FB post and just shock everyone in 90 days?

  2. Hate to break it to you, but even muscles and vascularity aren't going to fill that gaping void in your soul.

    1. Maybe he should work on getting rid of that lisp.

  3. Dear Marc,

    Thanks for the nice letter. While I'm flattered, I think you should know that I'm not really interested in a relationship right now. Actually, I think I might have gotten this letter by mistake.

    Good luck with the White Party, I'm sure you'll have fun without me. Judging from your FB photo, it looks like you'll be just fine with a body sculpting spray tan.

    Love always,
    Your Future Body

  4. This cow will never be skinny. He is still repulsive along with his white sweatpants he wears on a daily basis.

  5. He digusts me and I am black

  6. Marc is a nice guy and I wish him well. HOWEVER, his so-called friends with amazing bodies need to be honest with him and stop going along with this crazy idea that someone can get a "hot" body in a matter of months. A true friend would be honest and say that it takes YEARS of hard work to get a great body. Having these ridulous goals in the gym will only lead to disapponitment, exasperation, and then giving up. It happens all the time. Keep goals and expectations realistic.

  7. Is the "self-aware" gene removed upon moving to WeHo. Good luck to this dude...but it's kinda embarrassing.

  8. His breath smells like a dead corpse

  9. these poor gays that buy new bodies on credit and are still so miserable...good luck to you sweetpea

  10. how fucking pathetic and typical of a sad weho fag resident trying to make himself feel better....good luck you loser...get some fucking therapy instead!!

  11. I appreciate his desire to be desired....however you are going about it the wrong way. Makeover the important things 1st. Continue your education to make yourself more marketable and make more money, save this money and buy a house. Help those around you that are less fortunate (all year long not just once when it is convenient. Be a good friend and surround yourself with good people, make a difference in the world. Then my already handsome friend you will be the most desirable man around. If you want to work out and achieve the body of your dreams have at it and good luck just remember the measure of a man is not how he looks in a speedo but how he lives his life. BTW if all you want is to fuck a hot man, save up your Christmas money and hire one of the many hookers in this town for an evening.

  12. Isn't this the guy that worked at fiesta and shit his sweatpants? He kept telling people some lesbian spilled her beans on him. Lol too funny!

  13. Blowquandra serving up Tina!December 24, 2012 at 12:32 AM

    I remeber that nite he was so desperate for some Tina he took the bus to my apartmint on Normanie and Martin Luther King. She came over with her stained sweatpants and I stood in my front door and blew smoke in his face. I made him do 50 push ups then had his strip nude and do 25 jumping jacks while he sang Amazing Grace and every time the song would repeat he would be told to get on all fours and pass gas! It was a sight to see! After he did all that he was allowed to crawl into my apartmint's living room and then he was told to squirm on the floor and squeel like a pig which he did. I then lit up the pipe he took one hit and he was as happy as a lark. And then I had him bend over an dI shoved one of them fleet enemas up his asshol filled with wheat grasss from hole foood squezze then enema EMPTY then had him stand up get drssed and leave to get back on the bus back to where ever that lil pig lived:)


  14. Blowquandra deserves an award as the funniest goddamned poster this site has ever seen!
    She tells it LIKE IT IS, squirrel friends!


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