Listen To Malcolm Cesare: Gays & Company


Let them HAVE it! We love it!




  2. I chose NOT to use a condim and everyone on Grinder loves me vice versa

  3. weho sounds like a gay ghetto. a cesspool of narcism and shallowness. how sad for you all.

  4. Excuse me? Who the fuck are you?

  5. Everyone's jealous of me. I was on Ru Paul's show . So I know how it is to have haters many people wont be on the show thats why people hate me..just jealous of me. And now i just appeared on Glee I know ALL o f you were watching me hoping that you would some day walk just ONE day in my high heeled shoes. Why dont all of you just get a life instead of cruising the gyms for sex all day? You will NEVER be me or as famous as me. Theres not one head shot that will get you that role you wanted. Just keep bartending you tired bartenders you are all nothing but shit on the ground to me.

  6. He's ugly and fat. Next

  7. @ 6:03
    Shit up Nigger!!

  8. ZaharaDavenportIsOnCrackDecember 9, 2012 at 9:31 PM

    Sahara, you're dead!
    Unless you faked that, too.
    No one is jealous of a crack smoking whore, hunty!
    Go crawl back into your hole.

  9. Who cares what this whore says.
    I mean, come on-he's going on and on about Weho people and he's as fake as they come-starting with that name!
    Yeah, right-like he was given that name at birth.
    Why must these east coast assholes give themselves these grand fake ass names?
    Nobody is impressed.
    Go back to NYC and smoke crack with the niggers on the Lower East Side, hunty!
    We don't care what you think, all we care about is cock and Tina here!

  10. Im a Nigger I will shoot YOU dead then sing Amazing Grace to YouDecember 9, 2012 at 11:11 PM

    Ms Cleo I need some Tina in my lungs tonite I need some cock is my notrils tonite shoooooting that white milk up my nostrils. I need scat smeared on my face while Malcome and I play Twister cause Im twisted.
    Can some one out there help ME obtain
    Two severed penises
    5 eyelids still blinking
    2 Nicaraquan buttholes
    7 Chinese heads of hair
    1 kneescap from a cow
    8 cups or urine from Manny Patel
    9 pairs of sock laiden with ox blood

    I need all these things to decorate my apart mint on Laarrabee
    Please help

    1. Will Guatemalan buttholes work? all the Nicas moved to Miami

  11. WeHo is the WORST place to live if you ever want to get serious with your life, career, relationship...

  12. Weho is like the sci-fi channel, nothing and no one is for real

  13. @11:11
    I have most of the items on this list I just need to go to Mexico for the ox blood.
    It's the reason for the season!
    Hail Satan!

  14. when i see you making friends with older fat guys, then i know yur fer real hon

  15. Im high right now and yesim sitting on my doorknob that broke off thinking of the time I stole a steak from Pavillions and a bottle of chardonay

  16. Older fat guys are fun!
    A barrel of laughs!
    I love to slap their fat rolls, and watch them roll themselves in flour while I smoke Tina!
    Good times, good times!

  17. MizzCleoWishesYouAMerryXmasDecember 10, 2012 at 11:18 AM

    Me too!
    Higher than a kite!
    Let's go steal again...I love it!
    Then we can smoke some more Tina and decorate for Xmas.
    I have some dentures and empty morphine and I'VE bottles we can use for ornaments, and some hair ribbons with the hair still attached.

  18. I mean this idiot believes in tarot card reading and zodiac signs. Furthermore, he's ugly. Translation: Who cares?

  19. @12:10pm
    You got that right, sister!
    No one cares what he thinks, except for people like him who can't get laid to save their lives, and don't realize they have to like PNP to get laid in this town!

  20. I don't understand individuals who are surprised by the kind of people they meet in Los Angeles. This is place many people migrate to when they have no skills or education and think they can become "famous" somehow and live happily ever after. The city should really be called Neverland because for almost all of them it's NEVER GONNA HAPPEN! For every one decent person you're going to have twenty losers in this town. Learn to have a better filter and find the good ones. Why does this Malcolm care so much about the people he's calling out that he has to write a long statement about just how terrible they are? If they're truly beneath you and you don't care about them you IGNORE THEM and don't provide them any of your attention. I think this post really is about the fact this Malcolm continually gets rejected by these losers he's speaking about and is lashing out by trying to stand on his little Facebook soapbox and point down at them screaming "I'M BETTER THAN YOU!!!" Guess what? No you're not.

    1. I agree with you lol typical weho people... if anything he is exactly what he is describing about others. I dont live in Weho (more like an hour east away) but i visit on occasion and i have notice people act a certain way and all you can do is ignore those people. :-)

  21. Blowquandra is back!December 10, 2012 at 2:27 PM

    Ms Cleo,
    You got THAT right! You gottas PNP in this town to get laid! Or yull just be Laid to Rest!

  22. its called networking stupid

  23. weho sucks... the worst gay community in the country... i have lived in miami, boston, new york, chicago... will never go back to weho. go to OC or SD... this place is a mess.

  24. @3:30pm
    Boston sucks-too cold
    New York sucks-too cold, no scene, drugs cost too much
    Chicago-REALLY? Home of Phi Phi O'Hara-'nuff said right there
    You're the mess, hunty! Hopefully you're not still around.

  25. We already have enough people bashing the gay community why must the gay community bash its own family? This site really is a disgrace to the gay community and represents who we are very poorly.

    It wont be until someone kills themselves over something someone posts on here about them till someone does something about all of the fucked up shit you people post about people you dont even know. Think about how many people you're hurting by posting random comments about them. How bad would you feel if on the news the following morning there was a story of how some young innocent gay man took his life due to what you people post? I know I would not be albe to live with myself knowing I caused someone so much pain it caused them to take their life. Think twice about what you guys say about your gay family.

    Also, those who post about how they are HIV positive and think its funny that they hook up with strangers and dont disclose their HIV status and have unprotected sex then boast about it on here.... You should know that is a serious offense and is unlawful. If you are caught you will be charged with a fellony and a maximum sentence of life in prison (dont believe me, do you homework). Think twice about what you post and the actions you take in life.

    Be fun with your posts but not to the point of making someone feel like they have no way out but to end their lives. This will happen sooner or later guys.

    Keep your chins up everyone who is made fun of on this site, tomorrow's another day.

    Im sure I'll get some smart ass comment below this one which goes to prove just how childish the people on this site are.

  26. This fuckin' bitch is ALWAYS complaining about WeHo and its undesirable residents.

    Seriously, GET THE FUCK OUT OF WEHO and move to Wyoming to be with kind-hearted village folk and leave the toxic city if you're so against it.

  27. @3:30, of those cities you mentioned, what is the best in terms of gayborhood life?

    I'm over WeHo. The trashiness, the shallow relationships, the racism (this site allows people to drop n-bombs regular) it's all just very ugly stuff. Time for me to move away. I'm thinking Miami but how's the gay community in New York?

  28. @9:01
    Go away moron.
    No one cares about what you say, nor is anyone scared.
    All we care about is cock, ass, Tina, and fucking minus the condim.
    And you copying and pasting the same stupid post on every single item on here won't stop us or change a damn thing, genius!
    In other words, go pound sand up your anal wart encrusted ass, hunty!

  29. Malcolm -- who the fuck are you? No one cares.

  30. He should try singing the new Mariah Carey Xmas classic, "All I Want for Christmas Is An 8 Ball of Tina!"

  31. @DJK
    You mean NIGGER bombs?
    This site allows freedom of expression, and doesn't believe in PC censorship crap.
    Just because you don't like it doesn't mean you're right.
    Please, go move to Miami.
    The HIV capital of the US!

  32. This is why we moved to Long Beach.

  33. I've yet to meet a single, down to earth, humble, polite, or caring person in West Hollywood. I moved to LA a few months ago and it's been a struggle for me to be gay out here. It's funny that you all glorify the beautiful bartenders yet almost all of them, even the most popular ones, are all prostitutes. where I come from, when you befriend old men and let them suck your dick for money, or for a car, or a place to live, it's called prostitution. Most of you are missing out on what it means to have true friends. friends you can trust and friends that don't want to sleep with you. sad.


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