Peeping: Laundry Day w/ the Neighbor

LoL !!!



  1. Though this reviewer certainly can appreciate a young thong-wearing blond doing his laundry, I think his upper body needs a little work, and I was left scratching my head as to why he was using Tide's vent cap to pour the detergent instead of the main valve. Also, I did not care for the front of the thong, it looked matronly. (Nice ass, though.) The Truth gives "Laundry Day w/ the Neighbor" a B-.

  2. crusty skid marks ew

  3. I don't like the way he mixes his darks and whites.

    1. I also noticed that, and while I don't like it either, a great number of people do wash all their colors together and just use cold - so I didn't take points off for it. Though now you're making me think I should have.

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  5. Somebody tell this poor boy that he needs to add the detergent first and let the tub fill up first before adding clothes.


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