How Does This Person Pay His Rent?

Gurl, we all know that apartment is way too cute for being an assistant manager at Eleven night club.

Tranny Monroe


  1. He is POZ and leaves on the corner of Cynthia and san vicente. Dont bb with him, also he has roid rage, his pimps on his cheset are so gross

  2. Every picture tells a story, and this picture tells you all you need to know:
    He sucks cock to pay the rent, hunty!
    And takes it up his anal wart encrusted ass for an extra fee!
    And I hate to sound like a broken record, but yes, he is POZ 1,000% and has been for several years now.
    Honestly, this series should be retitled "THIS PERSON PAYS HIS RENT BY SELLING HIS HIV INFECTED ASS ALL OVER TOWN" with a sidebar on their escalating Tina and/or steroid habit.

  3. What happened to this post?


  5. Nigers n Whites unite for Tina!December 8, 2012 at 5:20 PM

    He and I exchanged loads this past fall. I remeber that heavenly nite where he seranaded me with songs from Janis Joplins last record then hummed to me the chips munks version of Jingle bells in the middle of the fall heat wave. We fed each other dates and prunes and Nutter Butters. He had a lil water fountain in the living room that made the atmophere so romantic. He would l remince to me his past summers spent in Montebello and how different it was then here in West Hollywood. At around 3 am we hit the pipe good ol Tina made her presence in our eveing... Then Coke lina came over and honey it was snowing in mid fall. Then we gazed in each others eyes and Baby The Drugs settled in our Veins!! He flipped me over fucked me bare assed minus the condim fuck yah! I told him i didnt douche or went poo for 3 days yet he didnt care he busted that nut right up in side me and POW and spit right out there was a hot creamu surprise all over his sheeets ! He didnt give a scat! Fuck yah then I ben him over an dreturned the favor hell yah I did! Then we lit sup the pipe once more and baby i was so horned up i friigen grabbed a banana on his kicthen table and I banged him with this banana and gave him that extasy that he needed that nite ! he caledd my name ou an d told me what a cotten picken Nigger I am and I loved very minute of it and I said "if you are going to call me a Niggger tehn Imma act like one!" So fucked him with the banana, punched him in the eye! Grabbed his wallet from his jeans then took of down Cythia to Palm down to Santa monica blv to hop on the 4 bus going down town! Fuck yah it was awsome!! He loved it so much !! He called me back the next day for his wallet back so I came back over with his wallet minus the 35 dollers hat was in it cause us Niggers are like that. Then we did it all up again minus the music, fountain and songs we heaed right for the pipe..We headed in the shower for some water sports fun..He drank my leomande ouuta my purple cock like there was NO tomorrow!! He slurped on my my yellow load fuck yah!! He did!! Whew! we stayed in the shower for about 2 hours then we rolled around on his florr laughing at hyenas! Thsi Christmas I just want to thank the Lord for my pipe of Tina!!!
    Thank you Lord for Tina!

  6. @ 5:14
    He gave 7 people AIDS

  7. @5:20
    Oh my fucking God that was the most hysterical shit I've ever read!
    Keep 'em COMING, hunty!
    Smoke a bowl of Tina for Miss Cleo, gurl!

  8. niggers n whites unite for tinaDecember 8, 2012 at 5:43 PM

    @ 5:27
    Ms Cleo Chils I thank YOU for understanding ME!!
    I will keep my revealations coming! And TRUTH about these weho idiots and thier need for cock n Tina!!

  9. Who or What is a Dalend??? give me the T gurls.

  10. jews and hitites unit for crack , NiggerDecember 8, 2012 at 7:01 PM

    Dalend is osme one who gave 7 people aids in THIS town alone an dhe passes too much gas any whoo

  11. he smells like an ash tray and his gums are black boo.... he doesn't pay his own rent!!!

  12. is he a real cop?? isnt it illegal to give ppl AIDS? why doesnt someone do sick!

  13. his butt hole tastes like carrot cake, the boxed kind

  14. josh is one of the reasons I still go to eleven, I'd let him plow me for hours

  15. can someone put together a HIV lookbook so I know who NOT to fuck??? k thx!!

  16. @5:43
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Every gay in Weho owes you a huge debt for TELLING IT LIKE IT IS!!!

  17. @8:07
    Don't fuck anyone featured on Wehoconfidential, for starters!
    EVERY SINGLE ONE has HIV and most have anal warts, too.
    And they all PNP with Tina, coke, and Mary Jane.
    Plus, they all get fucked minus the condim!

  18. @5:20 YOU ARE MY HERO

  19. his ass tastes like carrot cake ahahahaha
    i can't stop laughing

  20. @8:32
    Yes, it's funny unless you're the one with your tongue up his anal wart encrusted asshole!
    Then it's a whole 'nother story!

  21. i think hes in graphic design as well... dont think hes has hiv though. a generally nice guy.

  22. @10:50
    Graphic design?
    Don't make me laugh.
    The only graphics this moron designs are the doodles he makes in his Tweaker Notebook every time he gets all tweaked out, which is pretty much every TWEAKEND for him!
    And you "don't think" he has HIV?
    Hunty, it's just that way of thinking that allows AIDS to spread unchecked through Weho!
    "Well, I THINK he's cute and I DON'T THINK he has the HIV so guess I will fuck/get fucked minus the condim!"
    Jesus, you people are clueless fucking morons.
    You deserve each other.

  23. its people like you who spread rumors about hiv that have a problem. im safe and i get tested often to stay clean.

  24. maybe if you posted real things instead of these obvious rumors this site would be more interesting, I suggest you find something else to do with your spare time. he's a sweet guy and pretty sure he's neg.

  25. @MissCleoKnowz
    You are my hero!!!!
    AND PREACH !!!!!!

  26. @11:30 and @12:01
    Sorry, honeychile, you lose!!!
    You have the unmitigated gall to try and tell ME I'm spreading rumours then you follow up with this gem:"PRETTY SURE he's HIV negative".
    I mean, come on!
    It's just great you claim you get tested "every so often" (whatever that means) but guess what?
    No one cares.
    This isn't about you.
    This is about the person pictured above.
    And just because some anonymous asshole says they are "pretty sure" said person is NOT POZ doesn't make it so.
    Go PNP some more, hunty!
    It's pretty clear what YOU DO with YOUR spare time.

  27. @12:04
    Thank you so much!
    It means so much to me that my work is appreciated!

  28. MurraySwanbyOnCrackAttackDecember 9, 2012 at 1:00 PM

    My head hurts.
    I need to go see my crack dealer for a refill!
    Does anyone have a Brillo pad I can borrow?

  29. Josh is one of the best looking and nicest people in this town. 1/5 of this town is poz and of that 1/4 that are don't know it. Maybe that is something worth talking about instead of trying to figure out who's poz or not.

  30. He drank my urine once and I loved it!! # pigggy

  31. Everyone's jealous of me. I was on Ru Paul's show . So I know how it is to have haters many people wont be on the show thats why people hate me..just jealous of me. And now i just appeared on Glee I know ALL o f you were watching me hoping that you would some day walk just ONE day in my high heeled shoes. Why dont all of you just get a life instead of cruising the gyms for sex all day? You will NEVER be me or as famous as me. Theres not one head shot that will get you that role you wanted. Just keep bartending you tired bartenders you are all nothing but shit on the ground to me.

  32. ^^^^
    Shangela, honey, is that you?
    I thought you passed of a crack overdose a few months back, but I never believed the news stories.
    Why would we want to be you?
    Crack is whack!
    Whitney Houston even said so!

  33. @5:34
    Who died and appointed you chief Statistician of Weho?
    You have NO FUCKING IDEA what you're talking about, hunty!
    Go pound sand up your wart encrusted ass!

  34. Hi,
    Sahara Davenport I need some Tina in my lungs tonite I need some cock is my notrils tonite shoooooting that white milk up my nostrils. I need scat smeared on my face while RuPaul and I play Twister cause Im twisted.
    Can some one out there help ME obtain
    Two severed penises
    5 eyelids still blinking
    2 Nicaraquan buttholes
    7 Chinese heads of hair
    1 kneescap from a cow
    8 cups or urine from Manny Patel
    9 pairs of sock laiden with ox blood

    I need all these things to decorate my apart mint on Palm
    Please help

    Manny Patel, let me PULL yur teeeth out while I pay the Bajo and pass gas in yur face and feed you some rice you lark!

  35. Westhollywood is fullllll of Niggers n whites that unite for tinaaaaa! Im one of them you Chinks now go finger yu rmother Mannnnny!!! YOu bitch eat my toe scum
    Fuck upu pavillions i stole a steak today

  36. @12:49
    West Hollywood*
    Fuck up*
    Learned how to pronounced and spell correctly
    You sound like a idiot

  37. @1:02 im still high

  38. @1:02
    Um, you really shouldn't be lecturing others on how to spell when you can't even do so yourself, nigger!
    It's "learn" not "learned", and "pronounce" not "pronounced" although that word isnt even the right one to use in this setting, as the person isn't speaking to you they are writing! Dumbass.
    And finally, that last line should read "You sound like AN idiot", not A IDIOT.
    Gotta love niggers like you who try to be funny coming on here lecturing people on spelling and grammar and can't even do it right themselves!
    You must have only learned Ebonics!
    At least we have the excuse that we're high on Tina for our mistakes, but you're just a stupid moron!

  39. @10:11
    Me too!
    Isn't it fabulous?

  40. @MissCleoKnowzAll is a big time shit talker
    you are a fucking hater
    Having Anger Toward Everyone Reaching Success.
    bitch shut the fuck up

  41. @HBIC
    What's the matter, honey?
    You clearly can't stand the truth, can you?
    Gee golly whiz, you sure came up with an original moniker, too-HBIC. How long did it take you to think that up?
    And I bet you spent at least a full minute researching various acronyms for the word "HATERS" online, too, didn't you?
    Except it's not an appropriate one in this case, and do you want to know why?
    Because the loser druggie features in this post is HARDLY a success.
    Since when is a part time bartender, on again off again "escort", and full time druggie/loser
    considered a SUCCESS?
    Even in this town, that's a little hard to swallow-even harder to swallow then some of the infected old men peens you probably swallow nightly.
    Finally, dear, Miss Cleo isn't going to shut the fuck up.
    Not now, not ever.
    Go back to your efficiency apartment in the Valley and eat your Taco Bell now, and have a great evening!

  42. @MissCleo
    Lets be honest here, you're just some undesirable old man who has been used and thrown on the ground to many times. You're not fooling anyone with you're "I'm a sassy gay matriarch that tells it like it is!" No you're just a guy who got fucked too many times "minus the condim". Go spread your hate and lies somewhere else, like the bedroom: we all know nobody can love whatever you've got going on "hunty"! And as for Josh, it's clear that you don't know him because what you're saying is so untrue "honaychile"!! Seems like someone's hit the Tina pipe one too many times today!
    Someone Who can sit behind a computer and be an asshole like you!
    xoxo you're welcome

  43. @7:58pm
    Yep, you got me.
    Someone give this man a cigar and a blowtorch to light it with, he REALLY THINKS HE KNOWS A THING OR TWO!
    I have to say, your concern for this not so young anymore twink is touching.
    Who knows, maybe he'll give you an extra shot next time you buy a drink from him?
    My hat is off to you, sir (or ma'am, as the case may be).

    PS: Next time, try a little harder.

  44. Oh, and it's "honeychile", not "honaychile".
    At least get your faux Ebonics words right, dumbass!

  45. NiggerzNWhitesUniteForTinA!December 10, 2012 at 8:13 PM

    U R a DUMB NIGGER asshole.
    Leav Mizz Cleo alone she is MY HERO!

  46. @MissCleo
    Looks like you're still on a pretty good high there! Get some help for your sake!!!

  47. We already have enough people bashing the gay community why must the gay community bash its own family? This site really is a disgrace to the gay community and represents who we are very poorly.

    It wont be until someone kills themselves over something someone posts on here about them till someone does something about all of the fucked up shit you people post about people you dont even know. Think about how many people you're hurting by posting random comments about them. How bad would you feel if on the news the following morning there was a story of how some young innocent gay man took his life due to what you people post? I know I would not be albe to live with myself knowing I caused someone so much pain it caused them to take their life. Think twice about what you guys say about your gay family.

    Also, those who post about how they are HIV positive and think its funny that they hook up with strangers and dont disclose their HIV status and have unprotected sex then boast about it on here.... You should know that is a serious offense and is unlawful. If you are caught you will be charged with a fellony and a maximum sentence of life in prison (dont believe me, do you homework). Think twice about what you post and the actions you take in life.

    Be fun with your posts but not to the point of making someone feel like they have no way out but to end their lives. This will happen sooner or later guys.

    Keep your chins up everyone who is made fun of on this site, tomorrow's another day.

    Im sure I'll get some smart ass comment below this one which goes to prove just how childish the people on this site are.

  48. Amen to 8:51...,,the haters at post on this site is such a sad toxic and boring waste of time. We should be lifting each ore up not lashing out at anyone.

  49. Biggest threat facing gay people is the self loathing & shame we inflict upon ourselves. Be kind to each other .

    we are all on the same team now.
    just love no h8

  50. ^^^^^
    Yeah, if this site is so vile and toxic and yadda yadda yadda then why do you self righteous prigs keep coming on here and posting your sermons that sound like they were lifted from Dr. Phil or Jerry Springer's final comments.
    All this love and no hate talk is bullshit-the reality is what's seen on Grindr and other sex apps-these Weho whores only care about cock and Tina, and fucking/getting fucked minus the condim.
    That's all.
    And to the asshole who literally copied and pasted the same stupid speech on EVERY SINGLE FUCKING POST ON HERE, seriously, go fuck yourself.
    MINUS the condim!
    And YES I am still high!


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