Has Your Credit Card Been Compromised?

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We've received an anonymous tip today claiming gay people have been getting their debt and credit cards skimmed around West Hollywood. What's worse is that its allegedly happening at various bars and clubs by their own employees! We're outraged! And trust us, we are getting to the bottom of it! Beware, because as soon as we find out which club is robbing our neighbors you will be PUT ON BLAST!

Please watch your server/bartender closely in the club and to make sure he or she isn't  "skimming" your card through a rouge reader and capturing your information!

We personally know two people who have recently been a victim to this pathetic crime so until further notice, only pay with cash and withdraw it from a credible ATM. The third party ATMS stationed around WeHo may have faux card readers over them that scan your card!

Dear WeHo Confidential,
Have you heard? A huge wave of debit and credit card fraud is sweeping through West Hollywood and tear after tear us poor vulnerable (and often drunk) gays a re prime targets and losing money by the hour. Several people (including myself) have been defrauded in the last two weeks. Too many to be a coincidence because the one common denominator is that we all dine and drink in West Hollywood. Most of us bar crawl making it impossible to pin point which scumbag waiter is using a credit card skimming device to steal our credit card info, make duplicate cards and sell them to scumbags a yonder (other states).  
We have not used ATMs so that means this is point of sale theft...meaning, when we ate at a WeHo restaurant or had beers at the bars and handed our cards over, we got more than we bargained for. The waiter cleverly used a skimming device to copy the credit card information and send his / her goons on a spree. OR is was a scumbag at Yellow Cab. Most of us had indeed taken cabs home and swipe our cards in the taxi. It extremely easy for a taxi driver to install his own skimming machine in the taxi, so you think you're swiping to pay for your cab ride, when you're actually giving the criminals carte blanche to drain your accounts.  
Please spread the word and warn people who are dining and drinking in WeHo. Again, we do not think this is an ATM, it is a point of sale theft. Advise people to carry cash cause tis the season to get robbed! If people dine out, advise them to take cash, that waiter they're handing their card to could very well be stealing their credit card info! AND not all the Banks will return the money. One of my friend's claim was denied by Wells Fargo, another by Chase, another by Bank of America and I'm still waiting to hear from Paypal regarding my credit card refund (here's hoping).
WeHo Confidential


  1. I'm never going to Rasputin again, all the bartenders look sketchy especially that chris clak character.

  2. Any idiot who trusts their credit or debit card with the psychos who are bartenders and waiters in this town DESERVES to be stolen from.
    I mean come on, would you trust your Tina dealer with your credit card?
    Not hardly!
    And these scumbags are, if anything, less trustworthy yet people hand them their cards daily like they think it's perfectly OK!
    I pay CASH for my drugs, and CASH for my drinks, too.
    Guess what?
    Nobody EVER rips Miss Cleo off!

  3. this happened to me about a month ago at Hamburger Haven...beware!! pay with cash or these low life scumbag losers will crook your money real quick

  4. @10:43
    Chris Clark is the worst of the bunch!
    He's a raging Tina/coke addict (not to mention 'roid head) and steals all the time to support his various habits.
    Wouldn't surprise me a bit if he was behind all this.

  5. It's probably a group of employees as opposed to just one person. I ate at the Abbey over the weekend and shortly after my account was drained of almost every last penny. I had no idea this could happen. Beware everyone! Use cash through the holidays, Christmas is the time when crooks really ramp up their crooked activities!

  6. Don't assume it's always employees at low-end restaurants. I ate at STK and BOA last weekend, then come Monday BAM, my account was empty like a sick magic trick, to the tune of $1250 smackaroos. My bank gave a courtesy credit but they can take it back after they investigate if they don't rule in my favor. By the way Bank of America SUCKS!

  7. gays can be so sketchy!!

  8. Happened to me at fiesta on several occasions... nothing drastic, just upping their tip a few bucks here and there, constantly switch your bartender and keep your receipts!

  9. Why do you think the bayou exists? You think they're making money on $5 drinks? No, they're making bank selling on your card details.

  10. Interesting how this credit card fraud issue comes up again when Deejay Marcos San Juan, convicted felon, moves back to WeHo. Don't trust him as far as you can throw him. He got smart and started doing steroids after he got the shit beat out of him outside of Mickey's earlier this year. Welcome back Deej!


  11. Cross-reference. Everyone should lay out exactly where their card was used in a given time frame, and eliminate the lowest common denominators. This could get figured out quite quickly if you could just sit down say, four or five people who have been scammed.

  12. Yep, this happened to me on 10/27 at Rasputin at the bar on the dance floor. It was definitely at Rasputin because the same exact thing happened to a friend of mine that evening, plus it was the only bar we went to and the only transaction made that weekend on my AMEX. AMEX flagged it a few days later when a ton of transactions were happening in Riverside, CA. AMEX fraud said that the number was stolen and then somehow was put on to another card because the fraudulent transactions were swiped, meaning an actual card was used to for the purchases. Glad AMEX caught it. Beware out there.

  13. Also happened to me at Rasputin, July 2012. Stupid bartender me $325 on my card for 1 red bull vodka.

    Thankfully, BofA refunded & cleared everything up.

  14. This happened to me on December 3rd at 2 am there were several fraudulent charges. I had eaten out at the Abbey and El Compadre.


  16. Its obviously a bartender / employee that works at both rasputin and the abbey. This happened to my friend this past weekend.

  17. It happened to me too, but the last time I used my card was in palm springs when I needed to get cash because the bar only accepts cash from then on thousands of dollars has been taken out of my account .

  18. Umm...to comment at 4:37pm. There is a Rasputin bartender named Danny from Riverside. Might wanna look into that...

  19. Fiesta is NOTORIOUS for doing that shit. But it also happened to me at Eleven. Got charged like $44 for 1 drink. i was like slow down there Mary, i ordered 1 drink which is like $11, ok sure, fine. whatd you do, "accidentally" ring the whole thing for 4, + tip, and then thought i wouldn't notice the next day??

  20. Don't ever give your card to one of those beaners or niggers because you'd just be asking for it.

  21. You best Not trust these damn Niggers with yur CC card! I STEAL my things so I surely dont have to woorrry about it. I ate and drank at 11 last nite then walked out the back door. I do the famous "let me go to the atm" trick then never come back- works every time at any of these places. Why pay?


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