December 21st 2012 by Courtney Act:

Last night I had prophetic dreams about December 21st. First the sky will glow bright white. When the glowing subdues we notice the moon glowing massive, low and bright. Then we will see a total of 8 heavenly bodies in the sky. They look the same as the moon at first, but much bigger and very low. We soon realize they are actually planets and their atmospheres magnify their surfaces and we can see what is happening on them. We learn that our planet has ascended to a higher solar system. The inhabitants of the other planets start boarding Earth. People on Earth seem nonchalant. Dannii Minogue was there and telling me about the special seat I had for the new Kylie concert, which was already sold out, but I was unaware it was even planned or had gone on sale...



  1. Shane Jenek is SO UGLY as a boy. He should just cut off his dick and do a full transition.

  2. ^^^Sounds like you be a jealous unemployed drag queen. Bitter bitter bitter. Shane is very cute you cannot deny him of that.

  3. Id fuck Shane in drag and out of drag.

  4. Shane's ADORABLE and Courtney is SMOKING HOT.

    Lay off the pipe dude.


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